My Little Green Friends and The St. Paul Garden Club
My Little Green Friends and The St. Paul Garden Club

The Ramsey County Master Gardener Volunteers connect University resources with the environmental needs and initiatives of Ramsey County. To do so we:

Our gardener volunteers use the latest research to

One unique quality of the Master Gardener Program in Ramsey County is that we have a 501c3 Board of Directors that operates as an independent, non-profit organization. Formed in 1995 in response to changes in the University to the Master Gardener program statewide, this status allows us to fundraise for our educational programs and to provide support for schools and youth programs interested in environmental impact, vegetable gardening and other horticultural education.

We are fortunate to be supported by Ramsey County Environmental Health and the University of Minnesota Extension along with our Board of Directors. All three entities work in collaboration to deliver a sustainable, educational and charitable organization to serve Ramsey County residents. Read our Annual Report

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