RCMG 2021 Plant Sale!

Sale starts May 1st, 2021

The Ramsey County Master Gardeners' Annual Plant Sale features natives and perennials for sun and shade; tomatoes, popular vegetables, herbs, houseplants, and more. All plants are grown by Master Gardener volunteers or purchased from local plant nurseries. They are neonicotinoid-free and grown in sterile potting medium to prevent the spread of jumping worms.


What's New This Year:

We’re moving our 2021 plant sale online to keep shoppers safe.

Beginning May 1, shop our online catalog for native plants, vegetables, herbs, annuals and perennials. Sale closes Saturday, May 8 or when inventory is exhausted. Orders will be available for socially distanced pick-up Saturday, May 15. Shoppers will be notified with details and locations for contactless-pickup. 


COVID-19 Safety Information
The University of Minnesota Extension is committed to the health and well-being of all of its employees, volunteers and community partners and will do what is necessary to ensure the safety of all stakeholders. During this time of COVID-19, Extension Programs will follow the recommendations of the Minnesota Department of Health regarding safe practices in order to provide a safe environment and minimize the spread of the virus in our communities.

For more information:

About the Plant Sale

What's in the RCMG 2021 Plant Sale?

The sale features a wide variety of plants grown by Master Gardeners or select growers. This year will feature plants from the MN Seed Trials, producing plants that are particularly favorable to conditions in our MN gardens. Also for sale are excellent quality gardening gloves for only $5 a pair -- a great deal and the perfect gift for any gardener.


One thing that you will not find in our 2021 plant sale are divisions of mature landscape plants. A new invasive pest, the Jumping Worm (Amynthas spp.) has been identified in Ramsey County. These worms contribute to major forest ecosystem disturbance and are also troublesome for homeowners and gardeners. They negatively impact soil structure and reduce plant growth. To prevent the spread of this destructive pest, the Ramsey County Master Gardener Volunteer program will not be distributing any landscape plants this year. 

Where do the plants come from?

A significant number of the plants at the sale are grown by Master Gardener volunteers! In addition, we work with local plant nurseries to purchase some native plants and other hard-to-grow species.

How do I buy plants?

We are building a new online store that will allow shoppers to look through plant selections and make purchases online. The online store will be open for only a limited amount of time, starting on May 1st. Shop early! 

What forms of payment are accepted?

Most major credit cards and Paypal payments are accepted. The sale is contactless, so we are not accepting cash. Payment will be required online before pick up.

How are proceeds used?

Proceeds from the plant sale support horticulture student scholarships at the University of Minnesota and youth group horticulture projects in Ramsey County. Master Gardening programs are part of the University of Minnesota Extension Service.

Where will I pick up my plants?

Order pick up will take place on May 15th at Holy Childhood Parish, 1435 Midway Pkwy, Saint Paul, MN 55108. More details will come soon.