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Speakers Bureau


The Speakers Bureau creates and teaches Adult Education classes to residents in Ramsey County. They often partner with other organizations, including public libraries, community education programs, and parks & recreation programs. Private groups, like businesses, churches, or garden clubs also request classes. 

The current Speakers Bureau project coordinator is Brianna Gohde. (2018-present)

Volunteer Roles

Classes are taught as a team of Master Gardeners volunteers. 

  • Presenters are responsible for teaching the class itself. Classes can have up to 2 co-presenters. They operate the Powerpoint presentation using a projector and laptop (in-person classes) or screen-share feature (online classes) to present the class materials. The presenter tracks and reports contacts in the state database when hours are logged.

  • Aides are responsible for assisting the presenter by monitoring participant questions, counting the total number of participants for each class, and collecting surveys (in-person classes) or launching in-class polls (online classes). Aides also share the related class handouts (in person classes) or resource page (online classes).

  • Shadows are responsible for learning from the presenters and aides. Shadows should sign-up as an Aide or Presenter for another class soon after their observation.



These tools can be used by Master Gardeners volunteers teaching classes. 

Volunteer Resources


Includes teaching materials: Powerpoint, Study Guide, Handouts. Sample videos of each class can be found on the Train-the-Trainer page.

Participant Resources


Includes class handout, subject-related handouts and online resources, and book recommendations.

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