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Darren's Digest – May 2022

Updated: May 12, 2022

May 11, 2022

The Ramsey County Master Gardener Volunteer Program is fortunate to work with many great partners across Ramsey County.

Supporting our Partners

One of our key partners is Ramsey County Departments of Public Health and Environmental Health.

The University of Minnesota Extension and the Master Gardener Volunteer Program has Memorandum of Agreement with Ramsey County with an annual contract. This agreement pays RCMG to have a paid Program Coordinator (Darren Lochner) and funds many of infrastructure items that the Master Gardener Volunteer Program needs to be successful. This includes:

  • Office and storage space at the Maplewood Extension office ("The Barn")

    • Room reservations for the office classroom & kitchen

    • Supply & materials storage

    • The Diagnostic Clinic

    • The Milk shed & storage shed

  • Handout copying & laminating

  • Computers & hardware

  • The RCMG website hosting

In exchange for these services, RCMG supports Ramsey County by volunteering at the Yard Waste and Compost Sites, helping to distribute Rain Barrel and Compost Bins in early spring, setting up a booth at the Ramsey County Fair, contributing articles for the Green Ramsey e-newsletter and several other programs throughout the year.

I want to thank all of the volunteers who have already signed up for a shift at the Yard Waste and Compost Site. THANK YOU! Your time helps ensure that RCMG maintains a good relationship with the Ramsey County.

If you have NOT yet signed up for a shift at one of the Compost Sites, please consider signing up for at least one. Bring a friend or invite one of the many 2020, 2021 and 2022 interns who have not had the chance to participate in this critical volunteer activity.

We depend on this partnership with Ramsey County to be able to continue supporting all of our other community partners.

COVID-19 Safety Update

The current COVID-19 Community level is LOW. That said, we will continue to encourage all volunteers to wear a face cover or mask when participating in in-person and indoor activities regardless of vaccination status. The main page of the State Master Gardener website ( has some good information and updates on COVID-19 as well as low-contact, work-from-home volunteer opportunities.


Keep up the great work and I'll see you at the Plant Sale next week!

Darren Lochner

RCMG Program Coordinator


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