About Us

We are a diverse group dedicated to our communities throughout Ramsey County, nurturing a common love of learning, teaching, sharing and gardening.

Our Mission

Ramsey County Master Gardener volunteers educate residents in University researched-based, eco-friendly gardening to improve physical and environmental health.


Ramsey County Master Gardeners is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 1995 and governed by a board of directors. Our Master Gardener volunteers are trained by the University of Minnesota Extension program and educate the public about a variety of horticulture topics.

Gardening Lesson
Gardening Lesson

What We Do

Ramsey County Master Gardeners assist schools, youth programs, community organizations and individuals through outreach and education.


You can find us at community events, farmers markets, public housing complexes, garden clubs, Como Park and Conservatory, the Children’s Hospital, yard waste sites, teaching classes and planting gardens across Ramsey County. Visit our Community Collaboration page to learn more!

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Ramsey County Master Gardener Volunteers connect University resources with the environmental needs and initiatives of Ramsey County. To do so we:

  • Teach adults research-based horticulture practices that align with the priorities of the University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener volunteer program

  • Teach youth to how to plant a garden and the benefits of gardening 

  • Increase underserved communities’ access to gardening education 

  • Answer questions about gardening topics at community events, Diagnostic Clinics and the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’s Yard and Garden Line

  • Beautify public spaces and teach the public about plants through site specific and well-labeled public gardens

  • Participate in horticultural research projects led by the University of Minnesota


Our Goals

  • Protect and enhance the environment

  • Strengthen citizens and families by promoting the therapeutic benefits of gardening.

  • Strengthen community pride by engaging in neighborhood vegetable, fruit, and native plant gardens.

  • Promote good nutrition by teaching residents to grow fruits and vegetable

Benefits to the Community

In 2020, Ramsey County Master Gardeners volunteered a total of 5,268 hours. Our volunteers found creative and safe ways during the pandemic to share horticulture knowledge and skills with the community.

  • Master Gardener volunteers taught 103 online classes on a variety of gardening topics which were attended by 2,000 community members.

  • We hosted virtual yard and garden open houses where Ramsey County residents could ask what’s wrong with my plant and receive gardening help.

  • Several teams of Master Gardeners collaborated with Habitat for Humanity homeowners following COVID-19 safety protocols to design and plant landscaping for their new home.

  • Dozens of Ramsey County Master Gardener volunteers embarked on their own close-to-home projects to share their horticultural knowledge with Ramsey County residents.


In a historic year, our volunteers continually adapted and overcame challenges in order to further our mission - and we will continue to find ways to connect with and contribute to our community.


2019 in Numbers


Certified Master Gardener volunteers and interns for 2019!


members of our community attended our educational programs!


volunteer hours logged by Master Gardener volunteers!


is the monetary value of our contribution going back to the county!

Learn more about what we did last year in our annual report.