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Green Garden

Gardener Resources

Want help identifying a house plant you received from a friend? Trying to get rid of squash bugs in your garden? Seeking guidance on selecting and planting a new apple tree? RCMG volunteers can help. We offer a variety of helpful, research-based resources. If you can't find your answer in the resources below, please contact us with questions.


Looking for the latest gardening news?



Looking for help to identify a plant, pest, or disease?



Looking for a way to make a positive impact on the environment?


Recycling your organics helps avoid methane emissions that contribute to global climate change. It also returns essential nutrients to the soil and improves soil health. 

* State law prohibits leaves, grass clippings, brush and other plant material from being mixed with your trash.


Looking for a Master Gardener or do you have any other questions?


  • The UMN Extension's Yard and Garden site has flower, fruit and vegetable planting guides as well as other helpful info!

  • Go to the UMN Extension Ask a Master Gardener site to search for answers

  • Call 612-301-7590 and a Master Gardener volunteer will research the problem and return your call.

  • You can also Find Us at a number of events throughout the year!

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