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Meditating Together

Healing Gardens

Nature Heals

When we garden, walk park pathways, or sit quietly by a lake, connecting with nature can calm and refresh us, improving our health and wellbeing. Ramsey County Master Gardener volunteers are committed to educating and promoting the benefits that nature provides, and are working with our community to create healing gardens in public parks and the backyards of home gardeners. 


In the spring of 2022, RCMG launched its first healing garden project in partnership with Roseville’s Muriel Sahlin Arboretum. Using information backed by research, Master Gardener volunteers identified the arboretum’s key healing garden components and created signage that highlights how visitors can see, hear, smell, feel, and even taste as they explore the park. Read more about Healing Gardens at Muriel Sahlin. A survey of people who attended an arboretum event in August 2022 revealed that visitors experienced significant improvements in mood and energy following the healing garden experience. Beyond building an enriching experience for park visitors, the Ramsey County Master Gardener Volunteer Program now has a template for future collaborations in our communities.


We will continue to develop healing garden resources to support future community partners and home gardeners so all can create and enhance healing spaces. For more information, please Contact Us or take our “Nature Heals” class to learn more about the science of nature’s effect on our well-being.

What Is a Healing Garden?

Healing gardens offer a restorative place to connect with nature. Through outside spaces and sensory focal points, these gardens promote a sense of well-being and hopefulness, and a respite from the constant stimuli in our busy lives. There are many ways to achieve a connection with nature. For some, it’s taking in the beauty of a well-tended garden. For others, it’s a stroll or a hike through a wooded forest. Even the smell of freshly cut grass while sitting on a park bench provides a connection that boosts our health and well-being.

Core Components of a Healing Garden

  • A welcoming and enhanced entrance with safe and secure spacesA we

  • Variety of colors, textures and sounds

  • Diverse plants and trees, including native, fragrant and edible plants

  • Shady and sunny areas

  • Flowing pathways with optional walking routes

  • Space for sitting, both private and public 

  • Garden art and focal points for meditation

  • Reflects Mother Nature and attracts wildlife

  • Generates emotional attachment 

  • Encourages health and fitness

  • Sustainable design 

  • Culturally responsive

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