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Welcome to the Master Gardener Volunteer Program of Ramsey County!

We're so glad that you decided to join us in 2024! Your background check has cleared, your Safety of Minors training is complete, and you have registered to the Horticultural Core Course. 

Before You Start...

Below are a few housekeeping items that we recommend tackling before you officially get started in January. These will help you hit the ground running next year.



Download the Online Resources Tool

Volunteers use a lot of online tools. Use this cheat sheet to find
a list of the most common websites, and record your usernames

& passwords.​

RSVP for a Welcome Event

Interns and mentors are invited to an informal gathering on Thursday, January 4

at the Roseville library. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to come together

to meet, share stories, and celebrate gardening in the middle of winter.

Save Frequent Email Contacts

Add these names to your email's contact list/address book. You will be getting email and phone messages from them this year and you don't want your email's spam/junk filter to delete them.

Check out Recommended Reading for New Volunteers

Complete Your Bio

Your bio will be shared with other volunteers and help them get to know you


Share your Skills & Interests

Fill in this survey to help us learn more about you and what you bring to RCMG.



Create your RCMG Account

Make a volunteer account on our website so you can access the behind-the-scenes information & resources.


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