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A Journey North: Tulip Garden Project

Ramsey County Master Gardener volunteers collaborate with Saint Paul Public Schools on Journey North’s Tulip Test Garden Project 2021-2022.
Field of tulips
Field of tulips

Journey North is a North American community science project that tracks migrations and seasons. Journey North encourages students of all ages to become community scientists by making observations in their gardens, monitoring seasonal changes, recording data, and comparing their local garden observations with those from other areas far flung of the country and world.

About the Project

The Tulip Test Garden Project encourages people across the northern hemisphere to plant Red Emperor tulip bulbs in the fall, reporting their planting dates and locations. In the spring, those participating in the project will report when their tulips emerge and when they bloom.

In fall 2021, RCMG is supporting Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) classrooms that are participating in the Tulip Test Garden Project. RCMG provided the funding for the materials for ten SPPS classrooms to participate in the Tulip Test Gardens 2021-22 study.

Want to get involved?

We are looking for RCMG volunteers who would like to assist SPPS classrooms participating in the Tulip Test Garden Project. Volunteers will assist with garden preparation and their bulb planting day. The first part of this project will take place in October.

There will be an orientation during the first week of October to introduce the project and discuss the lesson plans for planting day. Bulb planting is most likely to happen during the second and third weeks of October and will vary by school. The time commitment for planting day is probably one hour at the school; this has to fit in the classroom schedule.

Given the nature of the school calendar and school days and COVID-19 protocols, there may not be much advance notice for scheduling. Flexibility, patience, desire to support gardens and science education in the public schools, and enjoyment working with school-aged students a must.

Marlys Daugherty, RCMG 2021 Intern, is the RCMG co-coordinator working with Kirsten Saylor of SPPS and Grow Our Own. Marlys will be talking about this project at the RCMG September meeting if you have questions or you can email her at


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