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Board Blurb: June 2023


Summary for the June RCMG Board of Directors Meeting

The RCMG Board Meeting was held on June 13, 2023 at the Barn and via Zoom, prior to the general membership event that evening. The next Board Meeting will be held on July 11th, the regular date for the Board meeting. Board meetings are open to all volunteers.

Committee Updates

Education Committee Update

Our July 18th meeting will be offsite at the Highland Bridge development in St. Paul. Space will be limited so watch for the SignUp Genius invitation.

In August Washington County will host our joint meeting, which will focus on composting and recycling. Once the site is announced Darren will determine if a bus will be provided. Car pooling from the Barn is a likely option.

One Garden Gate tour is scheduled for June 29th. A SUG will be sent. More gardens are needed for the balance of the summer so please consider showing off your horticultural activities!

New Member Committee Update

Interns who are behind on the Core Course and volunteer hours are encouraged to catch up. The year is almost half over!

Communications Committee Update

The Communication Committee is meeting with the Plant Sale committee and working on signage for Blooming St. Paul, as well as all their regular projects.

Leadership Updates

Secretary Update

The May 2023 Board Meeting Minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer Update

The May Transaction Report and Bank Statement was approved. The Board agreed to move $27,000 (gross proceeds from the Plant Sale) to a 6-month 4% interest bearing account at Huntington Bank.

Program Coordinator Update

Darren mentioned that a number of volunteer activities are not taking place due to a lack of project leaders. We need to continue serving the community and showing our Master Gardener presence, particularly at compost sites (for which we receive funding from the County). In addition, we have been unable to fill numerous requests for volunteers at Farmers Markets and other sites.

Old Business

Board Retreat

The Board Retreat will be held on July 11th at the Ramsey County Watershed District office. The focus of the retreat is to review and hopefully accept the revised Bylaws.


Julie Bechtold presented a history of our organization and its structure, along with “homework” for the Board to study prior to the July 11th retreat. Assuming the Bylaws are accepted by the Board they will be presented to the general membership in September, voted on in October, with the results of the vote announced in November, and implemented in December! Whew! This has been quite a process and hats off to the volunteers who have spent countless hours working on it!

Glove Sale Fundraiser

Further discussion centered on moving proceeds from the Glove Sale, designated for Core Course financial assistance, to a separate account. Kathy will research whether our bank has a no-fee savings account option.

New Business

Funding Requests

The Board approved the purchase of two copies of the books (12 books per year) being read by the Book Club, which will be available to all volunteers and stored in our Library at the Barn.

The Board tentatively approved a request for funding for a native garden at the Highland Park picnic pavilion, a mentor/intern project.


2023 Board Leadership: Sandy McDonald (Chair), Julie Bechtold (Vice-Chair), Gretchen Hesli (Secretary), Kathy Passe, (Treasurer), Jane Carlstrom (Education Chair), Simba Blood (Education Co-Chair), Judi Ginter (Membership Chair), Karen Randall (Membership Co-Chair), Stacy Sola (Communication Chair), Nanette Boudreau (Communication Co-Chair), Darren Lochner (Program Coordinator).

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