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Board Blurb: September 2022

September 14, 2022

Summary for the September RCMG Board of Directors Meeting

The SeptemberBoard Meeting was held on September13, 2022 via Zoom. The next Board Meeting is scheduled for October 11, 2022 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. on Zoom. These meetings are open to all volunteers.

Special Updates

Openings on the Board for 2023 - 2024/5

Several positions on the RCMG Board will be open for the 2023 – 2024 terms. Also needed are committee co-chairs. You can find more information on specific positions on the Board of Directors page. If you are interested in serving on the Board or as a committee co-chair, please contact Darren Lochner or Nate Galloway.

Opening Positions (currently known)

  • Vice Chair*

  • Education Committee Co-Chair

  • New Member Committee Co-Chair

  • Communications Committee Co-Chair

  • Plant Sale Committee Co-Chair

* The Vice Chair is an elected position and RCMG volunteers will vote for the new Vice Chair at the November meeting. Committee chairs and co-chairs are recruited & appointed by the committee; new co-chairs will be announced at the November meeting.

Technology Updates

Brianna reported that the purchase of two previously discussed laptops had been completed and the laptops were to be imminently delivered. Also, she cautioned the Board that 2-Factor authentication would soon be required for the RCMG Board email address,

RCMG Barn Gardens Proposal

Jeanne Buck, Nancy Berry, and Carol Mollner spoke in support of a comprehensive proposal to revamp the Barn Demonstration Gardens. The $10,000 proposal is intended to result in increased food production, greater research and educational value of the gardens, more accessibility for both members and the community, additional opportunities for participation by both Master Gardeners and Interns, and improvement in the overall function and durability of the beds over time. The Board approved the request on its merits, but the specifics on the source of the funds will be determined after more study and discussion.

Committee Updates

Education Committee Update

Sue Ellen Campbell reported that the speaker for the September 20th meeting will be Dr. Lee Frelich presenting on “Future Climate and Tree Species in the Twin Cities” at the Roseville Oval and on Zoom. Also, fall Garden Gates are being hosted by Teresa Cunningham and Katie Swanson on Sunday, September 18th from 4:30-6:30.

New Member Committee Update

Kay Wimer gave an update on the progress of the 2022 RCMG interns. Looking ahead, 30 people have applied for the 2023 class of Interns thus far, and Kay and Judie are nominating Karen Randall to take Kay’s place on the New Member Committee when Kay’s term expires this year.

Communications Committee Update

The active Communication Committee continues to hustle, working on multiple projects to promote the RCMG program. Stats on social media efforts show that we reached 110,101 people on Facebook and 231 unique accounts on Instagram. Improved signage has been completed and installed for the Barn Gardens, and the Barn Gardens video has been completed and posted. New bookmarks are in their second printing.

Leadership Updates

Secretary Update

The August 2022 Board Meeting Minutes were approved. August 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Treasurer Update

Kathy Passe, Interim Treasurer, presented the August Monthly Transaction Report and August Bank Statement, which were approved. She also provided a history of the Fidelity account. The Fidelity Account Task Force will be asked to discuss and advise the Board regarding withdrawals going forward.,

Program Coordinator Update

Darren reported very positive feedback from Washington County MG’s following our joint meeting at Gibb’s Farm in August. He continues to work with Liz O’Toole to promote volunteering at the Yard Waste sites. He will be following up with project leads to evaluate continued participation at community events. Some new possibilities for collaboration with other groups and agencies at the Barn are also on his to-do list. Next week’s membership meeting will be preceded by a training at 6:00 p.m. for project leaders and committee members.

Board Chair Update

Work continues on the RCMG Handbook and the Strategic Plan.


2022 Board Leadership: Nate Galloway (Chair), Sandy McDonald (Vice Chair), Gretchen Hesli (Secretary), Amy Davis (Treasurer), Jane Carlstrom (Education Co-Chair), Sue Ellen Campbell (Education Co-Chair), Judi Ginter (Membership Co-Chair), Kay Wimer (Membership Co-Chair), Nanette Boudreau (Communication Chair), Darren Lochner (Program Coordinator).


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