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Children's Hospital Video Project

First, for those who have not been trained to work at Children’s, a couple of key points taken from the “My Little Green Friends” program philosophy:

  • We strive to provide horticultural activities which are creative, interactive, and accessible for all.

  • We are guided by the belief that all humans are intrinsically connected to plants and that this connection provides positive benefits.

About This New Project

So, what is the new project? We’re creating short video lessons based on plants: introducing interesting plants and sharing fun gardening facts, “how-to” and safety in the garden. (This list is not exhaustive; I know how creative you all are!) And when I say "short," we mean short! There are two format options. The first is a 1-minute Fun Fact presentation. (example: Introducing the Venus flytrap) The other is a 3-4 minute lesson. (example: Why it’s a good idea to plant milkweed/monarch butterflies) Based on the requirements from Children's Hospital, we cannot go over 4 minutes.

We are looking for other Master Gardeners to help think up presentation ideas and to help create these videos. If interested contact Susan Cathey & Ann Wolfe.

Video Guidance

Here are some guidelines from Lynette Thompson, co-chair of the Children’s Hospital Horticulture Therapy / My Little Green Friends project. These are created based on the kinds of lessons we normally teach in the hospital.

  • We serve children from ages 3-21, who come from many diverse backgrounds. Some are in the hospital only briefly, others frequently or for long periods.

  • It should be obvious/apparent the speaker(s) are talking to children. This is not to be an adult education presentation.

  • We are excited to share parts of our natural world and its benefits to those watching.

  • Learning about plants can be fun, and the person(s) watching may feel better/distracted/encouraged after viewing our program.

  • The video would have elements of interest for a range of ages, if possible.

  • Any included activity may be adapted to the hospital environment, but the main message allows for experience beyond the walls of the hospital.

Making Videos

Now about the technology.

Children’s Hospital is deservedly proud of their programming and wants to keep it very professional. Since, as Master Gardeners, we have different skill levels and available equipment for recording, we will be working with Scott Thiry, hospital videographer, to do the recording. He is willing to come to us but only outside. The location can be of your choosing, whether in your yard, in a park, or whatever. Scott will be masked and appropriately distanced. He has a good microphone on his camera. Because of that in-person contact, we needed to have an exemption. (And we got it!) Anyone creating a video with Scott will need to first sign a safety protocol waiver. Like any good performance, practice and timing are essential. Please be prepared to rehearse ahead of time and be ready to record when Scott arrives.

Get Involved

Okay, that’s a lot of information, but we hope you’re still with us and willing to give this a try. Here are the steps to help.

  1. Send your topic idea and a brief description of what you will do to Susan Cathey & Ann Wolfe. Include some dates and times you would be available to meet with the videographer.

  2. We will then send you the waiver and schedule the session.

  3. Practice your presentation. Remember – the video must be either 1 minute or 3-4 minutes. We cannot go over 4 minutes.

  4. If you have questions, please contact one of us and we will do our best to answer.

  5. On the recording day, wear your Master Gardener shirt (if possible) and your name badge.

This is new territory for our group. But fun, right? And volunteer hours, too. We look forward to seeing those ideas flow. Be safe, everybody.

Susan Cathey and Ann Wolfe

For more information contact

Children’s Hospital Horticulture Therapy / My Little Green Friends Video Project Co-chairs Susan Cathey: & 651-983-2117 Ann Wolfe: & 651-403-3593


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