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Coordinator Corner – September 2023


This is GREAT time to "harvest" stories from the Master Gardener projects of the year

Message from the Coordinator

As the growing season is winding down I know many of us have been involved with harvesting from our gardens. Now is also a great time to harvest the stories from the Master Gardener projects you've been involved with. We use this information to reflect upon volunteer activities and projects from the past year and start planning for the year ahead. We encourage all of you to do the same.

  • Was there a volunteer activity that you would like to get more involved with or learn more about?

  • Do you have ideas on ways to improve and expand RCMG programming?

  • Are there new types of projects that you think RCMG should explore?

The RCMG Project Catalog is an excellent resource that lists and describes the projects. We encourage you to reach out to the project coordinators or feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the existing projects and/or have an idea about a new project.


Get Hours While You Can

As the garden season comes to a close—and the suddenly cold weather reminds us that this time is coming—we also expect a change to the number of volunteer activities. Starting in October, the number of activities, events, and projects drops off significantly. There may be very few things to do after the month ends.

Volunteer Status Requirements


Volunteer Service Requirements

Continuing Education Requirements




Returning (Active)



Emeritus (Active)



Emeritus (Retired)



Leave of Absence



If you don't think you will be able to complete the requirements before the end of December, LET US KNOW! Contact Darren or Brianna as soon as you know and we'll work on figuring out a plan.


2023 Annual Project Report


With the end of the growing season, the reporting season is upon us. Each year, county programs share their volunteer and project stories with the State Leadership Team, who compiles the stories to create the Annual Report. These reports are shared with program donors, sponsors, and supporting organizations and help carry the message of our good work out into the community.

As a project lead, you will be expected to fill in the RCMG Project Report Form before November. You'll receive a message from Darren or Brianna in the coming weeks. Now is the time to collect your thoughts and your photos.

  • Share what happened during the project

  • Tell us why this project excites you

  • Explain how the project is making an impact in the community

  • Invite others to get involved

We're looking forward with sharing your story with the wider Minnesota community.


Invite a Friend—Join the Master Gardeners

We are now accepting applications for the 2024 Master Gardener Program! One of the best recruitment methods for the Master Gardener volunteer program is word of mouth. Do you know anyone who has what it takes to be a Master Gardener? Invite them to join us!

Applications are due October 1st


Regional Gathering - Register Now!

THE FIRST EVENT SINCE 2019—These annual celebrations connect volunteers within a region of the State, offer specialized training, recognize the amazing work done in the region's counties, and solicit feedback on the state of the Master Gardener Program. These are incredible ways to meet volunteers from other groups, exchange great ideas, and learn from one another.

REWARDING VOLUNTEERS—We want YOU to join us to celebrate the first in-person Regional Gatherings since pre-pandemic times. This is a 6-hour in-person event on Saturday, September 30 in Minneapolis (UROC, 2001 Plymouth Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55411). Volunteers will get an exclusive look at how we can (and should!) be using turf using new information from the Turfgrass Science Department.

FLEXIBLE PRICING– All volunteers must register for the Regional Gathering but YOU choose how much to pay for your ticket from $0 to $60. Tiered-pricing makes the event available for all but we hope you can help us cover some of the costs of food and speaker fees.

REGISTER HERE—Regional Gatherings are open to ALL volunteers regardless of county. Feel free to join the event that best fits your schedule. If you can't join any of the events, TELL US WHY in this short form.

SPONSORED BY THE STATE ADVISORY BOARD—This state-wide group of volunteers collaborates with the state office regarding direction and resources for the Master Gardener Program. They host the Regional Gatherings as a way to celebrate the good work done by volunteers in the different regions.


Darren Lochner

RCMG Program Coordinator

Brianna Gohde

RCMG Assistant Program Coordinator


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