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Peer-to-Peer Garden Tour

Register before Dec 1, 2022 to be part of the new RCMG Peer-to-Peer virtual garden tour in 2023.

For one of the RMCG monthly meetings in 2023 we are going to try something NEW: a Peer-to-Peer Virtual Garden Tour. Our hope is that this will help us to learn more about each other, our gardens, and our gardening experiences.

What is a Peer-to-Peer virtual garden tour?

One the surface, this will look much like any other monthly meeting that RCMG hosts, except the guest speaker will be your peer Master Gardener volunteers, who will share a few images and sentences about their gardening experience from 2022. It's a slideshow of our stories.

For example, you might show pictures of a new garden that they planted or a new type of plant that you grew. You might show pictures of perfect produce or gardens gone horribly wrong. Maybe you saw a new or unknown insect, bird, tree, or weed and want help identifying it. These are all educational moments from our yards and gardens and they are worth sharing!


  • Insect/wildlife sighting

  • Insect/disease damage

  • Insect/disease management practices

  • New plants

  • Garden harvests

  • New garden or container design

  • Epic fails and amazing successes

A Powerpoint slide showing three images of a potted plant
An example of a slide from a Peer-to-Peer Garden Tour in Hennepin County

Join the Tour

Consider being a part of this monthly meeting and share a gardening moment and/or garden experience from this 2022. Here is what we need from you

  • Photos and description of the content in the picture(s)

  • Summary of your lessons learned

  • Please submit this to by December 1st

Deadline for submission is December 1st. We will do our best to share each submission and priority is given to the order they were received. A team of RCMG volunteers will review the submissions and assist with developing the PowerPoint and present at a 2023 RCMG Monthly Meeting.

Required Submission Information

  • Email subject line: RCMG PEER TO PEER GARDEN TOUR

  • Include your name

  • Submit up to 3 clear & in focus photos of the moment being shared

    • 3 photos max.

    • JPG or PNG format recommended

    • 300 dpi or less is best

    • Label of photo/photos submitted

    • We will choose the best 1-2 photos for the monthly meeting presentation.

  • In 25 words or less describe the story you want to share and why this was an educational moment to you.

two pictures showing a rusty patch bumblebee on mountain mint plants
Another peer-to-peer slide example


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