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Project Grants – Thrivent Choice

March 22, 2022

Volunteers Joe and Jennifer took advantage of grant offering through their insurance company to support RCMG projects. You can too!

Grant Money Supports RCMG Plant Sale

Jennifer and I are members of the Thrivent Insurance Company. As part of their benevolence, they have two programs. Thrivent Choice is the company’s charitable outreach program. Based on a member’s amount of business with the company, the company makes grants (donations) from its operating funds to charitable organizations. We choose to send ours to the Ramsey County Master Gardeners to use for the plant sale.

The second source of funding supports Thrivent Action Teams. Our Master Gardener Plant Sale group created an action team for this year’s plant sale. After filling out a detailed application, we were granted $250.00 for plant sale supplies. We received a credit card, about 20 T-shirts with small Thrivent advertising, small notebooks, thank you cards, name tags, and stickers. We will have to complete a detailed after-action report, before we can apply for another grant.

Thrivent permits only one grant per organization at a time, with grants up to $250. Jennifer and I can sponsor up to 2 Action Teams apiece, or 4 a year in total.

Thrivent Insurance is not the only insurance company that provides grants to its members. State Farm Insurance has “Good Neighbor Citizenship® company grants…dedicated to helping build safer, stronger and better educated communities across the United States. We focus on: safety, community development, economic empowerment, and education.”

Liberty Mutual Insurance: “Our grants help nonprofits that work to empower families and individuals who are struggling to thrive amid challenging situations.”

Allstate, American Family Insurance, Pacific Life, and others provide grants to build better communities. Check with your insurance agent for details. We had no idea about grants until our agent told us.

Joe Baltrukonis & Jennifer Porwit

RCMG Volunteers

A Word of Thanks

Dear Joe,

Thank you for taking the time to apply for a $250 Thrivent Action Team Grant and for designating the RCMG Plant Sale as the project. In addition, thank you for selecting the RCMG Plant Sale as the recipient of your 2022 Thrivent Choice donation in the amount of $209. We are using both of these grant funds to purchase supplies and items that will be sold at the Plant Sale.

On behalf of the Plant Sale Committee and Ramsey County Master Gardener Volunteer Program, many thanks for your generosity and for the amazing support that you and Jennifer give to our organization!


Cheryl Brady

Plant Sale Committee Chair

About the Thrivent Choice Grant

Through Thrivent Choice®, Thrivent clients with membership can contribute to organizations and causes they care about—and influence how Thrivent distributes some of its charitable grant funding through Choice Dollars®.

If you are a Thrivent client, you can make a personal donation to your favorite enrolled organization—Thrivent pays the processing fees. Eligible clients with membership can also direct Choice Dollars or nominate an organization to be a part of the program.


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