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Using SignUp Genius


SignUp Genius is a third-party tool that RCMG (and many other MG groups) use to create sign-up pages for activities available to volunteers. These include both community service projects and internal events, like garden tours and focus groups. Read About SignUp Genius for Volunteer Management

Unfortunately, SignUp Genius (SUG) requires a unique username and password. Your log-ins for Canvas, recording hours, and the RCMG website do not carry over. We wish it did but it's not something we can control.

Register for a Free Account

  1. Click the "New Account" link in the lower-left corner. (Below the "Login with Facebook" button)

  2. Provide your First and Last Name. TIP: These will be displayed on SignUps so it's a good idea to use the same name as it is seen in the RCMG Directory.

  3. Pick an email you want to receive SignUp Genius invitations. By default, we suggest the email address used on your Master Gardener application. If you want to use a different email address, let the RCMG Program Coordinator know so that email address can be added to the RCMG Mailing List.

  4. Create a password. Remember to write it down somewhere!

  5. Check the box next to the words: "I'm not a robot." This is a security measure that SUG uses.

  6. Click "Register Now"

Log into SignUp Genius

  1. Go to SignUp Genius and click "Log In" in the upper right corner

  2. Enter the email you selected when you made your free account

  3. Enter your password

  4. Click the "Login" button

If you don't remember your password, click the words "Forgot your password?" in the lower-right corner. (Below the "Login with Facebook" button). You will enter the email address you use for SUG and it will send you an email to sign-up and create a new password.

Find a Sign-up

By default, once you log in, you will go to the Sign Ups list view. This shows you the list of all available sign-ups listed by Event Start Date, from oldest to newest. You can change the view by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right of the sign-ups list.


If there are sign-ups that you view often, you can go into the Favorites View Tab and create a list of sign-ups you want to find quickly.

Calendar View

To see the events on the calendar, you can click on the Calendar View tab at the top of the Sign-ups page. This is a great way to see what volunteer activities are coming up soon.

Sign-Up Invitations

When a new RCMG sign-up is created or if additional help is needed, a link to the sign-up is emailed to volunteers. These are sent twice weekly, on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Volunteer activities happen year-round but most happen between May and September. During this busy season from May-September, RCMG leadership sends out a weekly digest of upcoming activities that still have openings for volunteers. We encourage everyone to take a look at these events during the busy season and to help out when you can. If any event has an inadequate number of volunteers signed up, we may have to contact the hosting partner to cancel, which makes everyone sad.

Tutorials from SignUp Genius

For Volunteers

For Project Leaders (SUG Admin)

Some project leaders are able to create and manage sign-ups because of the plan that RCMG has purchased. These roles are often given to volunteers who create many volunteer events and need to track the sign-ups. Examples include the Barn Gardens, Youth Programming, and Adult Education/Speakers Bureau project leads. Contact Darren Lochner if you want more information.

Tutorials from RCMG

You can watch these video tutorials for a demo of using SignUp Genius.

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