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2022 Volunteer Fair

March 22, 2022

The Annual Volunteer Fair introduced some of the most common recurring volunteer activities in RCMG

The annual Volunteer Fair was held virtually again this year because of COVID. All interns and mentors were encouraged to participate to learn more about the specific activities that RCMG volunteers get to due during the year. The goal of this activity is to increase both awareness and enthusiasm for the upcoming growing season, which is when most volunteer activities happen. Volunteers are invited to talk with individual project leaders to learn more about specific projects.

This year the Volunteer Fair hosted the following projects/project categories. Conversations with project leaders were held in Zoom Breakout Rooms after a general overview of the project types.

  1. Demonstration Gardens (like the Barn Gardens, Highland Park, Roseville's Lilac Hill)

  2. Blooming St. Paul

  3. Community Gardens (like Frogtown, Neighborhood Gardens)

  4. Q&A Booths (like Farmers Markets, Festivals, Fairs)

  5. Gardens for Good

  6. Garden Journalist

  7. Communications Committee (for Social Media, Photography Graphic design)

  8. Habitat for Humanity

  9. Plant Sale

  10. Ramsey County Sponsorship (like the Yard Waste sites and County Fair)

  11. Speakers Bureau/ Adult Education

  12. Answer lines (like the Arboretum Yard & Garden Hotline and Ask Extension)

  13. Youth Projects (including St. Paul Schools, Montessori American Indian Childcare Center, Peace Sanctuary Garden, My Little Green Friends program)


Thanks to everyone who made this year's volunteer fair possible!

  • Our RCMG Project Leaders

    • Jeanne Buck – Barn Gardens, Seed Trials

    • Susan MItchell & Katherine Tane –Highland Demonstration Gardens

    • Mary Montagne – Blooming St. Paul

    • Gene Ranieri – Community Garden Housecall

    • Chris Stevens –Frogtown Green Neighborhood Gardens

    • Patricia Ohmas – Hmongtown Farmers Market Q&A Booth

    • Deon Haider – Gardens for Good

    • Tina Hammer – Garden Journalist

    • Nanette Boudreau & Stacy Sola – Communications Committee

    • Nancy Joyer – Habitat for Humanity

    • Cheryl Brady – Plant Sale

    • Julie Coopet – Ramsey County Fair

    • Liz O'Toole & Sherry Bianchi-Knod – Ramsey County Yard Waste Sites

    • Emily Flagstad & Karen Randall – Speakers Bureau

    • Jackie Froemming & Bob Bystrom – Ask Extension

    • Ed Shinbach – My Little Green Friends program

    • Susan Cathey – St. Paul Schools,

    • Eamon Whiteaker-Smith – Montessori American Indian Childcare Center

    • Megan Phinney – Peace Sanctuary Garden

  • Kay Wimer & Judie Ginter – New Member Committee Chairs

  • Brianna Gohde – AV & Technical Support


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