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Board Blurb: August 2022

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

August 10, 2022


August 9, 2022 RCMG Board of Directors Meeting: The Board Meeting was held on August 9, 2022 via Zoom. The next Board Meeting is scheduled for September 13, 2022 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. on Zoom. These meetings are open to all volunteers.

Special Updates

Openings on the Board for 2023 - 2024/5

Several positions on the RCMG Board will be open for the 2023 – 2024 terms. Also needed are committee co-chairs. You can find more information on specific positions on the Board of Directors page. If you are interested in serving on the Board or as a committee co-chair, please contact Darren Lochner or Nate Galloway.

Opening Positions (currently known)

  • Vice Chair*

  • Education Committee Co-Chair

  • New Member Committee Co-Chair

  • Communications Committee Co-Chair

  • Plant Sale Committee Co-Chair

* The Vice Chair is an elected position and RCMG volunteers will vote for the new Vice Chair at the November meeting. Committee chairs and co-chairs are recruited & appointed by the committee; new co-chairs will be announced at the November meeting.

Project Proposal for Funding / Garden of Good Hearts

Fabienne Bridges requested $150.00 in funds for a mentor/intern project at the Garden of Good Hearts on the West Side. The project was initiated last year and involved cleaning up the gardens, which were in serious disrepair. She and her volunteers plan to add perennials to the site this fall. The request was granted.

Proposal for Funding / New laptop computers for hybrid membership meetings

Brianna Gohde researched a replacement for our aging laptop (which raised havoc at our July hybrid meeting). Based on her recommendations the Board approved the purchase of two new Lenovo laptops (one to serve as a backup), at a cost of about $900 each.

Strategic Planning Update

Elisa Iha will recruit volunteers to serve on a committee to refine the organizational structure of our group and further define our RCMG leadership roles (Program Coordinator, Assistant Program Coordinator, elected Board members) and their associated responsibilities. The Strategic Plan timeline will be extended to five years, which is in line with the State’s planning and that of most corporations.

Committee Updates

Education Committee Update

There are two remaining Garden Gate tours on Thursday, August 18th. Our August membership meeting is a tour of Gibbs Farm and will be held in conjunction with Washington County. Snacks will be available as well as a tasting table showcasing Joe and Jennifer’s tomatoes. Please see the SignUp Genius and plan to carpool if possible.

Sue Ellen Campbell announced that she will be stepping down as Education Committee Chair at the end of this year, which is the end of her 2-year term.

New Member Committee Update

Judie Ginter informed us that applications are open for new (2023) Master Gardener interns, and we’ve already heard from eight interested future members. The window to apply closes on October 1st. Members are encouraged to recruit individuals who may need a “nudge” to join, particularly those who may increase the diversity of our group.

Communications Committee Update

Stacy Sola presented images of the Healing Garden and Barn Garden signage, which is in the process of being installed at both sites. The creative artwork is the work of Mindy Johnson. Stacy also shared a video they produced which highlights our program headquarters at “the Barn” and describes the various gardens that have been installed there. Thanks to Laurel Watt who wrote the copy and Britta Greene who provided the voice-over narration. There are such talented volunteers in this group!

Nanette Boudreau announced that she will be stepping down as Communications Committee Chair at the end of this year, which is the end of her 2-year term.

Leadership Updates

Secretary Update

Gretchen Hesli presented the July 2022 Board Meeting Minutes, which were approved with two minor corrections..

Treasurer Update

Kathy Passe, our Interim Treasurer, presented the July Monthly Transaction Report and July Bank Statement, which were both approved.

Program Coordinator Update

Darren Lochner reported on a couple of new projects which our group has been asked to participate in, including a joint effort with Hennepin County at the State Fair (adopting a garden next to the Horticulture Building). There’s also a possibility of adding a medicinal garden at the Barn, which would serve the Native American population.

Board Chair Update

Sandy McDonald, Vice-Chair, questioned some of the provisions in our Bylaws, which were last revised in 2013. The Board will review. Nate, Sandy, Darren and Elisa are working on the Strategic Plan and organizational structure.


2022 Board Leadership: Nate Galloway (Chair), Sandy McDonald (Vice Chair), Gretchen Hesli (Secretary), Amy Davis (Treasurer), Jane Carlstrom (Education Co-Chair), Sue Ellen Campbell (Education Co-Chair), Judi Ginter (Membership Co-Chair), Kay Wimer (Membership Co-Chair), Nanette Boudreau (Communication Chair), Darren Lochner (Program Coordinator).


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