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Board Blurb: December 2021

Updated: Dec 10, 2021


November 30, 2021 RCMG Board of Directors Meeting The final Board Meeting for 2021 was held on 11/30/2021. It was held in-person at the Barn office, with a Zoom window open for those attending remotely. The next Board Meeting is scheduled for January 11, 2022 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. These meetings are open to all volunteers.

This session was used as a Board of Directors Transition Meeting, to bring new Board Members up-to-speed. New Board members include Sandy McDonald (vice chair), Jane Carlstrom (education co-chair), and Judie Ginter (new member co-chair).

Committee Updates

Education Committee Update

Jane Carlstrom will join Sue Ellen Campbell as Co-Chair of the 2022 Education Committee. Welcome Jane! Sue Ellen reported that the Education Committee has met and is bursting with ideas for speakers and educational opportunities, including the possibility of bringing in some “nationally recognized” individuals, which is made possible by Zoom. The Board discussed raising the honorarium if necessary.

New Member Committee Update

Judie Ginter was welcomed as Co-Chair of the 2022 New Member Committee and will work alongside Kay Wimer. Fifty-seven (57) intern applicants have completed their background checks through the State Office and most have registered for the Core Course. Once registered they will have the choice to be mentored by RCMG (in a one-on-one format) OR by the State Extension team (in a team format). It is expected that those most interested in individual projects might choose the latter. All interns are part of RCMG, regardless of the mentoring status.

We will have one-on-one mentor-to-intern training this year. In addition there will be “duo teams” based on their geographical location to further support the mentors, some of whom are newly graduated Master Gardeners. It is hoped that this model will be more effective and successful.

Also discussed was the need to focus on supporting our newest members and the transfers to our program.

Communications Committee Update

Nanette Boudreau reported that our Facebook page (coordinated by Mindy Johnson) had 36,000 views in the past month! Wow! We have 2,676 followers and thirty-three posts were published. Jennifer’s Pollinator Garden post was the “most shared.”

Leadership Updates

Secretary Update

The October meeting minutes were approved.

Treasurer Update

The October monthly transactions and bank reconciliation reports were approved.

Amy presented a draft budget for 2022 and the board offered a number of suggestions. The budget will be presented to membership and voted on in February 2022.

Program Coordinator Update

Darren Lochner reported that our 2022 RCMG monthly meetings will be online-only for January through April. We have secured the Roseville Skating Center room for May through November with the hope that we’ll be able to meet in person, with a hybrid option as a possibility. Meanwhile enjoy the winter meetings from the comfort of your toasty homes!

Darren also reported that we will shoot for a COVID-friendly outdoor location for our Annual Awards Ceremony, possibly in April. This event is traditionally held in January.

Vice Chair Update


Board Chair Update

Outgoing Board Chair Update

Susan Mitchell acknowledged the contributions of Nilgun Tuna and Chris Strong, who are stepping down as Co-Chairs of the Education Committee and New Member Committee, respectively. She listed the many accomplishments of our organization over the course of her term. And there were many, despite all the challenges of COVID and the largest intern class in the history of our program. Thank you Susan for your leadership!

Incoming Board Chair Update

Nate Galloway introduced Sandy McDonald, who has graciously agreed to serve as Vice-Chair for 2022. Nate mentioned that she was being “eyed” for the head of the Speaker’s Bureau but we are all thrilled that this Board position won out! Welcome Sandy!

Nate outlined his goals for 2022 which include:

  • Develop volunteer leaders to support the needs of our growing membership.

  • Improve internal structures to support a growing membership.

  • Add volunteer opportunities to reflect the needs of the community and the members’ interests.

  • Provide educational opportunities to augment the knowledge gaps of membership.

  • Increase membership diversity to reflect the diversity of the county we support.

Nate also aims to end our meetings by 8 p.m. and he accomplished that goal tonight!


2021 Board Leadership: Susan Mitchell (Chair), Nate Galloway (Vice Chair), Gretchen Hesli (Secretary), Amy Davis (Treasurer), Nilgun Tuna (Education Co-Chair), Sue Ellen Campbell (Education Co-Chair), Christine Strong (Membership Co-Chair), Kay Wimer (Membership Co-Chair), Nanette Boudreau (Communication Chair), Darren Lochner (Program Coordinator)

2022 Board Leadership: Nate Galloway (Chair), Sandy McDonald (Vice Chair), Gretchen Hesli (Secretary), Amy Davis (Treasurer), Jane Carlstrom (Education Co-Chair), Sue Ellen Campbell (Education Co-Chair), Judi Ginter (Membership Co-Chair), Kay Wimer (Membership Co-Chair), Nanette Boudreau (Communications Chair), Darren Lochner (Program Coordinator).


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