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Darren's Digest – April 2021

I was excited this week to see the first bumblebees of the season buzzing between my Bluebells and Hepatica blooming in the garden. As I was observing these and other bees in my garden I thought of the comparison of bees to all the activity going on with the Ramsey County Master Gardener Volunteer Program. As warn weather approaches, project come to life and volunteers become restless in anticipation of the growing season ahead. Bees provide a great service to the the natural communities through pollination. Similarly, all of you as Master Gardener Volunteers are making a huge difference here in Ramsey County. As I connect with community partners and collaborating organization, they are beyond impressed and thankful for all of your hard work and contributions THANK YOU to everyone getting involved this spring.

  • Thank you to all of the interns who are stepping up to complete their Core Classes and jump into as many volunteer positions as they can. Your enthusiasm and excitement is contagious!

  • Thank you to the volunteers submitting new project proposals and finding new ways for Ramsey County Master Gardeners to get involved with the community. Your ideas help us find ways to reach new people and expand the opportunities we have to make a difference.

  • Thank you to the volunteers joining the many Task Forces discussions and committees that are helping to initiate new volunteer programs and improve and grow existing programs. I have been so impressed with the rich discussions and the sharing of ideas. It makes me optimistic about what lies ahead for Ramsey County Master Gardeners. Let's keep the momentum going!

  • Thank you to the project coordinators preparing for the start of the growing season. I have worked with many of you to go through the COVID-19 Exemption Process, ensuring that everyone remains safe while provide benefits to the community.

  • Thank you to the Plant Sale and Communications committees for preparing for the big annual event, including big updates to the Ramsey County Master Gardener website.

This spring, as you observe bees and other pollinators in your yards and gardens, take some time to enjoy these special creatures and take some time to take a deep breath, enjoy the spring air, and know that you are appreciated! Darren Lochner RCMG Program Coordinator April 8, 2021


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