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Dear Master Gardener Colleagues; Thank you!

Imagine my surprise to learn that this year I received the Ralph Thrane Extraordinary Partnership Award, for dedication and service! I am so sorry not to have been in attendance at the meeting where this honor was announced. I hope I did not seem ungrateful, I just had another commitment that kept me from attending the January meeting.

After learning about this honor, I did a little research on Mr Thrane. I am doubly pleased to be associated with someone who made a career in the food industry at Green Giant and who, in later life, was involved with Bountifield International, a Minnesota non-profit dedicated to helping small farmers in Africa. It also seems that Ralph was devoted to his North Dakota hometown (he published several books about North Dakota history, including one with the wonderful title of Who was Gjertrud Gulliksdatter Helle Aamodt Nilsen Nettum and Where Is She Now?). He sounds like a great guy and I'm sorry I never met him.

Many thanks to the anonymous person who nominated me for this award and to the board of RCMG for supporting the nomination. In Ralph Thrane's honor, I plan to make a donation to Bountifield International (and to attend more MG meetings!)


Patricia Ohmans March 01, 2021 Hmongtown International Marketplace project coordinator 2020 Ralph Thrane Extraordinary Partnership Award recipient


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