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February 2024 Monthly Meeting Recap

In a Peer-to-Peer Panel, RCMG volunteers Brianna Gohde, Carla Olson, Tina Frederickson shared tips, tricks, advice and resources for growing plants from seed


The February monthly meeting was held online via Zoom from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 20. Watching the recording of this meeting can be counted as 2 hours of Continuing Education. . (Find the recording in the Archives of the Monthly Meeting page.)


Many thanks to the RCMG volunteers involved with the February Meeting:

  • Education Committee: Simba Blood & Gene Ranieri

  • Peer-to-Peer Educators: Brianna Gohde, Carla Olson, Tina Frederickson

  • Journalist: Judith Graziano

  • Zoom Aide: Scott Beary


General News (6:30-6:35)



Board News (6:35-6:45)

RCMG Board Announcements (Julie Bechtold, chair)

  • Plant sale

    • Save the date for the plant sale scheduled for May 18th.

    • New location.

    • Pre-sale has ended – more details coming later. It was a great success.

  • 2023 review audit

    • Completed and will be announced in at the next monthly meeting.

  • Charter

  • New volunteer opportunity

    • A/V training for monthly meetings

    • Tech portal

  • Thanks to Book Club members

  • Equipment

    • Asking members to check around for equipment that has gone missing and please return it.


Darren Lochner's Coordinator Updates (7:05pm-7:15pm)

Welcome Interns!

Take time to read the monthly newsletters!

State Master Gardener Program News

  • Email sent out for projects that interns and mentors can do together

  • Companion guide to Core Course cost $40.00 for printed copy

  • Information regarding Master Gardener 2024 At-Home projects – interested volunteers need to register

  • New free admission code for the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum: MG2024


  • February volunteer opportunities

  • Reminder of renewal of Background Check and Safety of Minors Training

  • Upcoming RCMG Monthly Meetings

    • January and February - online only (via Zoom)

    • March and April - Hybrid (in-person at Roseville Skating Center and online)

    • May  (no meeting)

  • Save the Date Reminders

    • RCMG Volunteer Fair - Tuesday, March 26th at Roseville Skating Center

    • RCMG Plant Sale - Saturday, May 18th at Aldrich Arena in Maplewood/New Location!


Guest Lecture (7:15-8pm)

Guest Speakers: Brianna Gohde, Carla Olson, Tina Frederickson - all RCMG volunteers

Topic: Seed Starting Resources and Advice for Annuals, Vegetables, and Natives

Questions from the audience

  • Do you recommend lining/covering the seed starting shelving or frame with plastic to conserve and regulate the heat?

  • Can you talk a bit about collecting seeds? Any tricks for beginners?

  • Any advice on sowing teeny seeds like impatiens or coleus?

  • If you use seed starter mix do you have to switch it out to regular potting soil or can it go from seed started into the ground?

  • Please elaborate the milk jug outdoor approach. (Winter sowing)

  • When you put the prairie seed in the refrigerator do they need to be moist or is the answer, "It depends (on the species"?

  • Do you tend to add water periodically to your baggies during long stratifications? Or just leave them?

  • What size photo sleeves do you use for seed packss?

  • What are octopus grow lights?

  • Does the radical/seed root get tangled in the fiber of the paper towel when stratifying?

  • Why don’t you plant the prairie seeds that need stratification in milk jugs in the fall and save yourself a lot of trouble?

  • What is the name of the book Tina has in front of her

  • Where do you buy the seed heating mats?

Recap provided by Judith Graziano


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