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Finding (Volunteer) Time

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Aug 6, 2021

At the July Monthly Meeting, Darren reminded us that the State Leadership team wants all volunteers to try to meet their Volunteering and Continuing Education requirements for 2021. The State Leadership team understands that COVID-19 has restricted many of our regular activities but we all recognize that many other volunteering options are available. Volunteers should be able to find adequate numbers of hours.

No volunteer will be punished for failing to complete their requirements by the end of 2021.

Volunteer Expectations

  • Active Volunteer

    • 25 hours volunteering

    • 12 hours continuing education

  • Intern Volunteer

    • 50 hours volunteering

    • 8 hours continuing education

  • Emeritus (Active)

    • 1 hour volunteering

    • 5 hours continuing education

  • Emeritus (Retired)

    • 0 hours volunteering

    • 0 hours continuing education

  • Leave-of-Absence

    • 0 hours volunteering

    • 0 hours continuing education

Volunteer Activities

Current local volunteer activities are listed on SignUp Genius with weekly email updates going to Active, Intern, and Emeritus (Active) volunteers weekly during the growing season.

Continuing Education Opportunities


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