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Garden Gate Tours 2023

Updated 8/05/2023

There are always flowers for those who want to see them. – Henri Matisse (1992)

2023 Tour Dates

Find links to the garden descriptions below by clicking on the host's name.

Garden Descriptions

Melissa Andersen

"Our small St. Paul corner yard contains multiple gardens, with no turf grass in the backyard. The backyard is a mix of perennials, natives, stone paths, and two small patios. There is also a small garden designated solely to zinnias, which we start from seed we save each year. In the front yard, you'll see two raised veggie beds, and the boulevard contains a couple of gardens, including a small rain garden. While we don't have a huge yard, we've managed to garden a good portion of it."

Simba Blood @ Keller Golf Course

"Superintendent Paul Diegnau will lead a cart-ride tour of the extensive, ecologically diverse restored natural areas at this Ramsey County public course. In the past two decades, 30 acres of prairie, savana, woodland and wet meadow habitats have been restored, supporting over 200 native plant species. This Audubon-certified course now has the most and highest quality natural areas of any golf facility in the Twin Cities."

Fabienne Bridges

"My garden is predominantly full shade or part shade plants that have as much color and texture as possible. There is a smaller area of part sun with a variety of perennials that features unusual form daylilys and bonsai conifers. Our landscaping is inspired by living on a busy corner and having very poor clay/gravel soil. We built raised beds of stone and brick and have lots of running water and bird visitors. The idea is to create a sense of privacy and sanctuary from the street."

Tiegan Brick

"Started from seed in 2019, my meadow restoration garden features dozens of Minnesota natives. These gardens are drought & flood resistant, feed native insects, attract birds and provide privacy on our small lot. Come try to spot a Rusty-patched bumble bee! I also have several veggie beds, including a three sisters garden."

Tina Frederickson

"My gardens are between three to eight years on, mostly native, pollinator friendly plants. Also have David Austin roses, assorted flowering shrubs, fruit trees, heirloom tomatoes, and blueberry bushes front & back. Depending on the weather we get between now and then, the Meadow Blazing Star and Monarch butterflies/goldfinches may or may not be a draw. Regardless, I will have native seeds for people to take home. Fall is an excellent time to seed scatter!"

Debbie Lee

945 Ashland Ave"Our home is situated on a shaded double lot in St Paul. Planted with many shade perennials and a few annuals thrown in for all-season color, our back yard is a quiet oasis in the city with a large patio and fountain."

Alex Meyer

A small urban lot entirely surrounded by garden (no grass) with a focus on roses, dahlias, and native plants."

Katie Robinson

"The hopeful beginning of a suburban homestead- 320 sq.ft. of raised bed space, a greenhouse and various random planters. Focusing on vegetables with pretty flowers throughout for our pollinator friends."

Katherine Tane

1778 Colvin Ave "Gardens are never really finished. They are always in constant evolution. This garden, 21 years later, shows starting with a good master plan and base layer, you never have to take too many steps backward. A park-like design with bigger groves, groups of plants, and interesting combinations of trees and shrubs that move cohesively from one area to the next, set the tone to devolve and improve over time. Foliage texture, shape and color lead the way. Three rain gardens, in-ground cisterns and rain barrels were recently added to capture and reuse rainwater."

Betsy van Hecke

"This large St. Paul yard features expansive front and back gardens. The English-style mixed borders contain a variety of plants, with pastels and purple accents prominent. A shady corner in the backyard hides a private bench to rest and enjoy the view."

Laurel Watt

"This colorful garden features mostly perennials and shrubs and a smattering of annuals, but this gardener has a serious love affair with Clematis and Heuchera. New this year is a boulevard garden of native plants and a renovated bed adjacent to the driveway out back that became available for tomato plants and Zinnias after the sudden and unexpected loss of a beautiful Firebird Crabapple. The northwest corner of the lot has a whole new sunny look as a result and features a new Starlite Crabapple."


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