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Garden of Good Hearts

Updated: Sep 17, 2022


This is the second year that a RCMG mentor-intern group has volunteered with the Garden of Good Hearts on the West Side of Saint Paul.

Our partner, the West Side Community Organization (WSCO) has been managing the space for the past twenty-five years. WSCO had been successfully maintaining and using the pathways and open spaces for weekly events and festivals. Sadly, the garden itself had fallen into a poor state. Creeping bellflower and wild phlox covered the entire area to the point where the many treasures such as peonies, rudbeckia, bee balm, sedum, Siberian iris, shrub roses, poppies, and many others could not be seen and rarely bloomed.

After several years of exposing these beauties and giving them the resources that they needed, the garden is thriving and blooming! WSCO has plans to put in a medicinal herb garden in some of the newly developed spaces, and there are also thoughts to create both a butterfly garden and to possibly turn the entire space into a healing garden using RCMG signage.

Many kudos to the two mentor-intern teams, Green Hands and Gladiolas, and the WSCO volunteers who have made this possible! We hope to make this a yearly project for our new mentor-intern teams and continue developing the garden space.

Come for a visit at 441 Wabasha Street South!

Fabienne Bridges

RCMG Volunteer


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