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Get Excited to Meet the Class of 2022

Applicants for the class 2022 were interviewed between October 28-Nov 4, 2021.

Read comments from the interviews

Applicants were interviewed by pairs of MG volunteers – one with prior interview experience and one without. The feedback from the interviewing teams was strong and positive. They are looking forward to meeting the incoming volunteers.

Thanks to all of the RCMG Interviewers (Leads) Caroline Lemen, Chris Kraft, Christine Strong, Cynthia Anderson, Jane Carlstrom, Judie Ginter, Katherine Tane, Kay Wimer, Lesley Perg, Loretta Dahl, Nancy Berry, Roger Hintze, Sally Prouty, Sandy McDonald, Susan Cathey, Tiffa Foster and (Co-Leads) Barb LeTourneau, Beth Jackson, Carla Olson, Cherie Boen, Dan Peterson, Darren Lochner, Donna Hall, Gene Ranieri, Helen Weber, Jean Kohs, Jenean Cordon, Karen Randall, Lisa Pearson, Martha Grant, Mindy Johnson, Nancy Glass, Pam Baribeau, Sharon Hardy, Sharon O'Connor, Stacy Sola, and Sue Grigal.

Get excited to meet the Class of 2022!

  • Personable. Brings teamwork experience. Arts and social activism background is great.

  • Excellent applicant on all levels!

  • She's a wonderful communicator, very engaging and articulate.

  • Interesting and delightful chat. We think he will be an asset to the program!

  • She's creative and energetic. Doesn't have a lot of relevant experience, but is very open to new people, ideas and experiences.

  • She is a very collaborative people who has a lot of confidence and enthusiasm.

  • A very mature 19-year-old who is a natural leader without taking over. She has a delightful personality and loves working with children. A go-getter!

  • She is enthusiastic, energetic and positive. Focus is on local food and is a writer

  • Has skills in technology and teamwork. Very interested in more unusual forms of gardening. Seems open to growth in working with diverse groups and communicating information to others.

  • Has lots of teaching and writing experience. May be interested in in writing lesson prep for MGs. Is interested in all aspects of gardening, especially hydroponics.

  • Has worked with hydroponics. Good community organizing skills. Open to learning; not very familiar with the program. Will use resources of Frogtown programs.

  • Great community experiences. Lots of diversity involvement. Good teaching skills. Very outgoing and friendly person.

  • We look forward to working with her.

  • Already has depth of knowledge. ESL teacher. Worked with minorities. Likely interested in Speaker's Bureau. Loves research-based learning. Starts plants inside in the winter - good Plant Sale participant.

  • Excited to be involved in the gardening community and RCMG.

  • Works in mental health and has lots of experience with diverse people. Works in the Seed Saving Library at Como. Very interested in health benefits of nature. Interested in pollinators.

  • She's great!

  • Will be an asset to the RCMG program. She is looking forward to volunteering in the community and in continuing to gain more horticultural skills.

  • Very interested in learning and excited to volunteer. Community garden volunteer and background in technology and marketing. Probably good for Plant Sale.

  • Looking forward to working with him!

  • Excellent candidate! K-12 plus adult education teacher specializing in English as a second language Has extensive background and experience with the East African community. Strong commitment to volunteering and many years of basic gardening experience. Perfect mix of horticultural and teaching. Also friendly and easy to talk with and even fluent in Italian. She will be a valuable and contributing member of this organization.

  • Does not have a long history with gardening but does show a definite interest. She has been an annual member of the Arboretum and has helped various neighbors in need with caring for their gardens. She is a lead teacher in a child care center and she has expressed a love o teaching and a desire to serve her community.

  • Brings a great skill set to us. Really good candidate.

  • She will be a great asset to the program and is a neighbor of one of the current 2021 interns so has a good feel for the program requirements.

  • He has a good base of knowledge and ideas for new ways for RCMG to be involved in community

  • Very friendly, well spoken with long-term interest in horticulture-related issues. Will be a good asset to the program

  • Pediatrician and interested in working with youth. Involved with the BIPOC community and interested in working with diverse audiences. Well qualified!

  • Seems like an excellent fit for the RCMG program

  • Fantastic candidate, has done extensive volunteering in the past, passionate about working with the community and has been interested in joining us for years!

  • Excellent candidate - has a broad interest in all areas and wants to pursue volunteering in a community that is a priority for the RCMG program, like Frogtown Green.

  • Her theater background will offer learning opportunities for us.

  • She will work out well in the RCMG program. She has shown a commitment to volunteering through other experiences in her life and is very much looking forward to the education component of the program.

  • Appears to be a great candidate for the program.

  • She'll be great!

  • Very strong candidate. Leadership potential. Loves native plants. great team and diversity experience. likes working in groups. prefers small groups. Loves working with children.

  • Has a strong commitment to continuing education and volunteering. She sounds very organized and may be willing to chair a program in the future. She is a very outgoing person who will work well with the public and already does that through her volunteer experience at Tamarack Nature Center.

  • We think she will be a great fit.

  • She will be a very strong RCMG volunteer.

  • Well-qualified prefers non-virtual, wants to volunteer outdoors.

  • Great diverse experience, particularly with older people. ASL proficient. Great ideas on putting together Little Seed Libraries and a great suggestion for garden technology as a monthly meeting speech.

  • She's wonderful! I'm excited for her to join the program!

  • Very interested in community Gardens for Good that share the food they grow. Very enthusiastic and personable. Has done landscape maintenance so lots of outside gardening experience. Enthusiastic houseplant grower!

  • Great guy. Range of interests. Interacts with others around his gardens. Knows how to connect with diverse background. Learning Spanish and ASL. Attracted to the science of gardening and service to others.

  • Wonderful addition to our program. Taught horticulture research skills to students.

  • She is a strong RCMG intern candidate. She has a strong interest in learning!

  • Great candidate; educator; writer

  • Wants to share knowledge. Likes the interaction that comes with sharing.

  • Great candidate!

  • Research background; good communicator; thoughtful with questions

  • She has many ideas to share!

  • Excellent applicant - enthusiastic and personable. Considers herself an extrovert. Interests include biodiversity, pollinators, and environmentally friendly gardening. Understands the workings of helping in diverse communities.

  • She will be a very strong RCMG intern. One fantastic thing about her is that she is a fluent Spanish speaker! She has lots of interests in gardening, and seems to be very easy socially.


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