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Get Ready to Meet the Class of 2023

RCMG received 80 applications this year and completed interviews for the class of 2023 between October 24-Nov 5, 2022.

Applicants were interviewed by pairs of MG volunteers – one with prior interview experience and one without. The feedback from the interviewing teams was strong and positive. They are looking forward to meeting the incoming volunteers.

Thanks to all of the RCMG Interviewers

Thank you for helping to make sure our interviews ran smoothly. We couldn't do this without you!

(Interview Leads) Cherie Skildum, Chris Kraft, Elisa Iha, Jean Kohs, Judie Ginter, Karen Randall, Kay Wimer, Laurie Holmberg, Lesley Perg, Mary Montagne, Nancy Berry, Roger Hintze, Sally Prouty, Sandy McDonald, Sharon Hardy, Tiffa Foster, and Tim Iverson.

(Interview Co-Leads) Beth Fritcher, Chris Strong, Dan Peterson, Danielle Cabot, Debbie Lee, Donna Hall, Helen Weber, Jan Fransen, Jean Kohs, Jennifer Wappula-Svien, Judie Ginter, Laura Logsdon, Mary Montagne, Mindy Johnson, Molly O'Rourke, Nancy Berry, Nancy Glass, Nate Galloway, Sadie Loose, Sharon O'Connor, Sue Grigal, Sue Stein, Susie DeShon, Sylvia Cuellar, Tina Hammer, and Travis Sandland.

Read Comments from the Interviews

  • Great background, currently helping in Peace Garden and looking to do more with youth

  • She'll be a great volunteer!

  • Deep background in gardening with experience in mental health, non-profits, and management

  • She seems interested, smart, motivated and energetic. Values learning from those she serves

  • Art direction with life-long garden interest

  • Will be a great addition to the RCMG program

  • She is excited to learn more and find a community to learn with

  • She is very involved with her diverse neighborhood

  • Has a lot of experience with project management and leadership activities

  • She's energetic, enthusiastic and loves learning and working with people

  • We are excited to work with her!

  • Tech-savvy and interested in helping with tech and administration

  • Previous Master Gardener from Washington State

  • Very personable with a sincere interest in learning about plants and plant care

  • Experience in providing mental health care and wants to engaging people with the teaching and listening skills that he has developed

  • Interested in connections, collaboration, contributing to community

  • Experienced journalist and team leader

  • Enjoys researching and is looking forward to variety of projects to learn more about everything

  • Very excited about educating others about gardening

  • Ready to jump into the Master Gardener Volunteer Program

  • She is curious, enjoys people, wants to learn & share from an educational perspective

  • She has a lot of experience with people who have communication problems

  • Environmental science degree and looking to make impact on local level

  • He is a DEI Activist

  • Interest in microbiology of fermentation and food preservation

  • She will be great in the Social Media committee!

  • Wide range of interests. Good fit for the program

  • Has strong interest in the MG program because she already completed the Core Course last year through the Pro-Hort class

  • Demonstrates a strong interest in volunteering

  • Has a strong interest in working with the community and children

  • Professional experience working with diverse communities

  • Second generation Master Gardener

  • She has a lot to offer and would enhance our program

  • Passionate about gardening and eager to learn more

  • Interest in connecting health profession to healing gardens

  • Speaks Spanish and will be a great asset

  • Has video experience and may be interested in lending her skills

  • Interested in bugs and protecting them

  • Has wonderful grant writing experience

  • Previous Master Gardener from Florida


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