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July 2023 Monthly Meeting Recap

RCMG Volunteers toured the newly restored grounds of the Highland Bridge area, guided by a representative of the Capital Watershed District


The July monthly meeting was held in-person at the Highland Bridge Development in St Paul from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m on Tuesday, July 18. This meeting can be counted as 2 hours of Continuing Education. There is no recording from the event. (You can find recordings of other meetings in the Archives of the Monthly Meeting page.)


Many thanks to the RCMG volunteers involved with the June Meeting:

  • Education Committee: Jane Carlstrom & Simba Blood

  • Journalist: Diana Rankin

  • Parking Attendant: Britta Greene, Dennis Skrade, Sherry Bianchi-Knod

  • Greeters: Sarah Kruger Hilger & Sara Quinn

Project Updates

Blooming St Paul (Mary Montagne)

Mary Montagne urged volunteers to participate in Blooming St. Paul. Anyone can nominate a garden. Just send the address to Darren.

Exploring Rain Garden Plants and Identifying Common Weeds (Katherine Tane)

There will be a special presentation on August 1st on rain gardens at the Capitol Region Watershed District office. Sima Blood will talk about weeds in rain gardens and Tiffa Foster will discuss certification for Water Stewards and plant selection.

Spring Hours (Brianna Gohde)

Brianna Gohde gave an update on reported hours. There was a big spike in entered hours following the email update. She urged mentors to check in with their interns.

Darren Lochner's Coordinator Updates

State Program News

  • Read the newsletter! The July newsletter included information about signing up to volunteer at the State Fair.

  • Sign up for the fall Regional Gathering. Information is in the July newsletter.


  • There are still open spots for volunteers at farmers’ markets and spots still available for the Garden Gate tours.

  • The August meeting will be on the 15th with Washington County Master Gardeners at the Oakdale Discovery Center. The presentation will be on the joint Ramsey-Washington food scraps recycling program. Networking will be at 6:30 p.m.

  • The November meeting will feature a peer-to-peer garden tour. Volunteers are encouraged to submit 1 slide each showing either a special plant in their garden or an insect or pest in their garden. There will be details in the August newsletter.

Highland Bridge Restoration Project

Bob Fossum of the Capitol Region Watershed District led a walking tour of the water quality project in the Highland Bridge (previously the Ford Assembly Plant) Development. He pointed out the project’s filtration system for all runoff from the development and the creek restoration which sends clean water into Hidden Falls.

You can learn more about this restoration project on the Capitol Region Watershed District website.

Recap provided by Diana Rankin


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