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Lawns2Legumes Coaching 2023

RCMG is collaborating with the Lawns to Legumes (L2L) program in 2023 to enlist Master Gardener volunteers as L2L Coaches for the 2023 growing season. Lawns to Legumes is a state-funded program providing educational resources and grant funding to Minnesota residents interested in creating pollinator-friendly habitat. The L2L coaches are the volunteer backbone of this grant program. Coaches aren't expected to have all of the answers, L2L grant recipients express that they couldn’t imagine completing the project without the help and support of their L2L Coaches

The goal of the Lawns to Legumes program is to promote the installation of pollinator habitat projects on residential landscapes across Minnesota. The program was developed to specifically benefit the Minnesota state bee, the rusty patched bumble bee, and other at-risk pollinators. Since the first projects went into the ground in 2020, close to 1,200 grant recipients have created 32 acres of habitat. In 2023, we are expanding the program and awarding 2,000 grants in both the Spring and Fall. Not every grant recipient will request a coach, but for those that do, you can make all the difference in the success of their project.

Multiple Ways to Help

Participating L2L coaches can participate in two ways this year; individual coaching and community coaching.

  1. As an individual coach, L2L will match you with one or more grant recipients based on your capacity. You will be responsible for contacting your grantees and letting them know how you can help. Their gardening skill levels will vary: you might be working with someone brand new to gardening or with someone who has experience but wants guidance navigating the Lawns to Legumes program. Typically L2L coaches spend 1-3 hours per grantee assisting with project planning and answering questions and it is possible to do all of it virtually.

  2. Community coaching is the newest coaching opportunity from Lawns to Legumes. They are piloting an online community forum we affectionately call The Hive. This is a space for grant recipients to connect with each other and share their own tips or project progress. Many grant recipients who do not get connected to an individual coach often have a single question they would really like feedback on. This will be a space to ask those questions and have them answered by valuable coaches like you!

The RCMG L2L coaches will meet at least once as a group to compare notes and resources.

Coach Responsibilities

  • Attend coach training webinar and review coach guide

  • Reach out to assigned grantees and set expectations for your availability

  • Answer questions, provide guidance and encouragement throughout the project

  • Promote the goals of the Lawns to Legumes program, giving guidance in accordance with L2L principles (working with native plants, non-herbicidal methods of preparation and maintenance)

L2L Coaching Project Details

  • Coach to one or more grant recipients, provide assistance and support with garden planning

  • Option to participate in The Hive online community forum by answering posted questions, providing guidance and encouragement

  • Service time frame: Spring grant period is mid-February through July 15

  • Estimated hours: up to 3 hours per assigned grantee, flexible for community coaches

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