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Links from Marissa Schuh

What a fun and engaged group y'all are. I took notes on a couple of things to follow up on and wanted to pass them back to RCMG membership.

Thanks for inviting me to speak at your monthly meeting in October!

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Basics Handout

Use this guide to direct your approach when managing pests in the yard and garden.

IPM Guide
Download PDF • 606KB

Lily Leaf Beetle

Cover Crops and Soil Disease

Here are two videos on research done by other extension educators in the Midwest, I really respect both of these people and they do great work. Both these examples are pumpkins but the principles are the same.

Spinach Leafminer

My favorite writeup on this pest is from this big Cornell PDF. Use ctrl+F to find the spinach leafminer section.

Those are the things I noted to follow up on. Let me know if I forgot something that I said I would follow up on.

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Extension Educator - Horticulture IPM


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