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NEW RCMG Finance Committee

Updated: Apr 5


The new finance committee will develop recommendations about big picture financial questions while ensuring fiscal responsibility to our members

A New RCMG Committee

Last fall, the RCMG 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation (RCMG Corporation) Board of Directors prioritized establishing a finance committee to improve finance management and help resolve issues relating to funding sources and distributions. In February, the board approved this charter as the committee guidelines and appointed Laura Savin as the first committee chair.

The finance committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Prepare an annual operating budget for recommendation to the Board.

  • Periodically review expenses and projections against budget in coordination with the

  • Treasurer. Report updates to the Board in the manner and frequency directed by the Board.

  • Lead the Board review for long-term financial stability and ability to achieve strategic goals of the Corporation.

  • Recommend and document appropriate financial policies and procedures to protect the financial health of the Corporation.

  • Recommend financial aid and scholarship criteria and processes.

  • Complete other projects and responsibilities as directed by the Board.

You can read the full committee charter through the link below.

Separating RCMG Program and RCMG Corporation

The RCMG 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation (RCMG Corporation) is unique in the Minnesota Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program, as no other county Master Gardener program has an associated nonprofit. The RCMG Corporation was founded in the 1990s in part to provide and manage additional funding for program priorities. As our organization continues to grow, the new finance committee is an important supplement to the work of the treasurer, a place to develop recommendations about big picture financial questions while ensuring fiscal responsibility to our members.

These actions come as the UMN Extension Master Gardener Volunteer state program has requested more separation between the RCMG Program (a.k.a. Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program of Ramsey County), which is run by the University of MN Extension program and the RCMG Corporation, which is managed by a local board of directors. While these two Ramsey County organizations share members, the state Extension program would like it clear that our RCMG Corporation’s Board of Directors and fundraising efforts are not directly affiliated with the UMN Extension. The board is working with our RCMG Program Coordinator, Darren Lochner, on what this means for day-to-day operations.

If you have any questions, please contact RCMG Corporation Board Chair, Julie Bechtold at or 651-497-7072.

Julie Bechtold

RCMG (Extension) Volunteer

RCMG (Nonprofit) Board Chair


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