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November 2022 Monthly Meeting Recap

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Attending volunteers learned about the different status options and heard a lecture from Heather Holm.


The November 2022 monthly meeting was held in-person in the Rose Room at the Roseville Oval Skate Park and online via Zoom.


Many thanks to the RCMG volunteers involved with the November Meeting:

  • Education Committee: Sue Ellen Campbell & Jane Carlstrom

  • Project Leaders: Jeanne Buck (Barn Gardens), Susan Cathey (Hayden Heights Library youth events)

  • Journalist: Mindy Johnson

  • Room Set-up: Sandy Law

  • Greeters: Cherie Skildum and Laurie Holmberg

  • Clean-up: Colleen Bell

6-6:30 pm Volunteer Training – Volunteer Status: The Many Ways To Participate

Darren Lochner presented the many ways to transition from between the different RCMG volunteer roles. Volunteer status options were also covered. Darren went over intern requirements and expectations. If one does not meet yearly requirements, they may become temporarily inactive. Every 3 years a new background check and safety of minors training is required at no cost to the Master Gardener. Once the background check is submitted, one will only be notified if there is an issue with the background check.

Transferring counties within the state is possible; a referral would be needed to transfer to another state. Master Gardeners can also be considered At-Large, where they are not tied to any particular county.

6:30-6:45 pm: Project Updates

Barn Gardens (Jeanne Buck)

Overall it’s been a good year! There were 750+ volunteer hours at the barn. Seed trials were completed and results will be out in January. Produce was donated to food shelves. An end of season evaluation was reported identifying issues that have occurred this year and solutions to the problems.

Youth Projects (Susan Cathey)

Youth library program still in need of RCMG volunteers, please see SignUpGenius for opportunities to help out. Subjects to teach the youth are open, suggest an idea if you have a topic not already on SignUpGenius.

Starting Native Plants from Seed (Jennifer Porwitt)

She has a lot of native plant seeds to share with those attending the meeting. She would like all the seeds to find a good home. Brianna Gohde said to take home seeds and grow them for 2023 plant sale in May. She also stated that feedback from the last sale was that more native plants were needed to sell. Jennifer noted that only experienced gardeners should grow the native plants for the sale, but they may be too small to be saleable regardless.

Darren Lochner's Coordinator Updates (6:45pm-7pm)

Darren Lochner said we will be getting emails to update directory information. Mentors are needed for 2023. Brianna Gohde stated that board positions will be voted on at this meeting.

Guest Lecture – What's the Buzz About Native Bees? by Heather Holm (7-8pm)

Heather’s presentation covered bee nesting habitat, bee diet, plant selection considerations, bee habitat goals, selecting sites for new habitat, and maintaining bee habitat. She discusses bee diversity and pollen specialists. She mentions that native plants are important and gardens need to be pesticide free. It’s important to keep a garden journal to track gardening trends. Instead of mulching, use the plants as the weed barrier, it will lower garden costs. It’s also best to plant in clusters of flowers that are more visually attractive to pollinators. Mimic Mother Nature.


  • How deep can a bee nest go?

  • Are bee hotels a good idea for native bees?

  • What value do dandelions offer to native bees?

  • Do you have any recommendations for plant lists from the collection of books you’ve written?

  • Is there competition between honeybees and native bees?

  • Would it be beneficial to introduce mason bees or solitary bees to our area?

8-8:30 p.m. RCMG News from the Board of Directors leaders

Nate Galloway thanked everyone for being on the 2022 Board and for having the chance to be Board Chair.

The 2023 Board election was held during this meeting.

  • Julie Bechtold was nominated for Vice Chair of the Board. Nate asked for any other nominations for the position of Vice Chair.

  • Kathy Passe, 2022 interim Treasurer, would like to continue in the role.

  • Gretchen Hesli, 2022 Secretary would also like to continue with her role on the board for another 2-year term.

Voting was held online and via Zoom with unanimous results confirming the candidates. Julie was elected Vice Chair, Kathy was formally elected as Treasurer, and Gretchen were re-elected for their positions.

Recap provided by Mindy Johnson


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