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Solarization Project at Edgerton Community Garden

Final work day at Edgerton Community Garden.
Final work day at Edgerton Community Garden. Pictured here from front to back: Nanette Boudreau, Fun Fun Cheng, Carole Gernes, Jan Fransen, Cynthia Anderson

Thank you, RCMG volunteers, for your hard work removing weeds and-or installing the plastic sheeting at Edgerton Community Garden! – Carole Gernes

Edgerton community garden before weeding
Edgerton community garden before weeding

RCMG has partnered with Edgerton Community

Gardens in Maplewood for many years. This year, the community garden leadership asked for help clearing an area around the raised beds which had become overgrown with weeds including Canada thistle, goldenrod, burdock and stinging nettle.

The community garden is organic, meaning pesticides are not permitted for control methods, which makes physical removal necessary. After weed removal, garden leadership plants to treat the areas with aggressive weeds with a type of occultation, also known as solarization.

Solarization is the process of cover an area with clear plastic to heat up the soil underneath. This encourages seed germination and plant growth but ultimately kills the vegetation underneath.

Edgerton community garden after weeding and solarization panels were installed
Edgerton community garden after weeding and solarization panels were installed

Working between July and September, a group of volunteers spent 2-hour shifts at the community garden to clear the area so solarization sheets could be installed. Once clear of weeds, special plastic sheet were installed and pinned down. These will remain in place until next year and hopefully suppress weed growth next season.

Solarization Sign
Solarization Sign

Big Thanks

Thank you to all of the volunteers who participated in this project!

  • Lisa Pearson

  • Nanette Boudreau

  • Cynthia Anderson

  • Julie Wegscheid

  • Sue Mason

  • Amanda Jackson Wilber

  • Jan Fransen

  • Juliana Forster

  • Fun Fun Cheng

Next Steps

Site coordinator Carole Gernes wants to invite all Master Garden volunteers to check out the solarization progress. "Please stop by to check out the progress during the next year plus! I’ll make recommendations for pollinator-supporting native plants to be planted in spring of 2023."

Learn more about Solarization


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