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Starting Tomatoes from Seed

Updated: Mar 28


🍅🌱 Dreaming of a bumper crop of juicy tomatoes for the summer? It's time to start your journey from seed to garden! 🌱🍅

Discover the magic of growing tomatoes from seeds indoors and preparing them for a thriving in your garden outdoors come summer. This step-by-step video tutorial, featuring one of the Ramsey County Master Gardener tomato aficionados, is your ticket to success! It will guide you through every stage of the process with expert tips and insights.

Why start from seeds indoors?

Starting your garden plants from is a fantastic thing for gardeners of all experience levels. Here's why it's a game-changer.

  1. Gain control over your tomato varieties— you choose the perfect ones for your garden.

  2. Jumpstart the growing season—get your grow on while the spring is still cold and ensure your plants are hardy and robust by the time outdoor planting season arrives.

  3. Witness the entire growth cycle—nurture your plants from seed to sprout to seedling to full-grown, fruit-bearing plant. Watch them grow right before your eyes.

  4. It's a cost-effective—growing from seed can save you big bucks! A single seed pack (~$3-5) can often grow dozens of plants. If you were to buy that many plants, it gets expensive FAST! (~$60-100)

  5. Rewarding— there is no satisfaction that compares to harvesting a vegetable that you grew from seed.

This video tutorial covers all the essentials

🌱 Seed selection and starting

🏡 Indoor growing conditions

💧 Proper watering techniques

☀️ Providing adequate light

🌱 Transplanting seedlings outdoors

Ready to embark on your seed-to-garden journey? Click the link below to watch the video now.

Start your tomato seeds indoors today and prepare for a summer filled with the satisfaction of homegrown, vine-ripened tomatoes! 🍅🏡


This project supports the Local Foods priority of the Master Gardener Volunteer Program: Promote the use of sustainable techniques to grow local food on multiple scales and in different types of locations.


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