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Strategic Plan Task Force FAQ

Every three years, the RCMG Board of Directors and Program leadership evaluates the status of the program and identifies specific improvements needed for future success. This becomes a 3-year Strategic Plan. Between 2021-2023, RCMG leadership hopes to make improvements in the following areas:

  1. Develop volunteer leaders to support the needs of a growing membership

  2. Improve internal structures to support a growing membership

  3. Change the volunteering opportunities to reflect the needs of the community and interests of membership

  4. Provide education opportunities to augment the skill and knowledge gaps of membership

  5. Diversify the membership to better reflect the diversity of the county we support

Expectations What are the expected outcomes of Task Force discussions? During Task Force discussion, volunteers are asked to outline measureable goals and specific actions that RCMG can take to reach the above areas. While each team will be operating independently there will likely be synergies among the goals and action steps across the teams. The Board and Strategic Planning Team will review the outcomes of the task force teams and look for common themes and opportunities to work together. Once specific actions are identified, these will be shared with membership and a new group will be asked to help to develop the steps needed to achieve the listed goals. Timing Do the Task Force teams need to follow the dates listed on SignUp Genius? The dates listed on SUG were suggested dates. The planning team provided suggested dates to assist with getting started and devleoping a regular schedule for meeting. We encoruage the teams to establish meeting dates and stay on schedule over the next couple of months. What is the timeline for discussions, anaylysis, and implementation? While the timeline of the task force times might be aggressive we wanted to keep the process moving forward. We will be checking in with the task force teams and providing assistance as needed. The current plan will take the RCMG through 2023. Once the Strategic Plan is completed there will be regular updates with all volunteers over the next three years. Some of the strategic priorities will be incorporated into RCMG projects and operations while others will result in the formation of working committees in order to acheive the outlined goals. Strategic Plan Background What historic information/context will be shared with the Task Force teams? The summary of the focus groups from the summer of 2020 will be shared with the task force teams. In addition each task force team will have Board representation to assist with reviewing what has been done in the past in relation to each strategic priority. We encourage to task force teams to ask questions of the RCMG Leadership and Strategic Planning Team. How closely do we need to follow the goals outlined with the Strategic Priorites? The Strategic Priorities were developed following a 2019 RCMG Volunteer Survey and 2020 RCMG Volunteer Focus Groups followed by a strategic planning session the fall of 2020. In addition to the priorities volunteers began developing goals for each priority at the fall planning session. The task force teams are encourage to review these goals and edit the content and add to the goals as needed. RCMG Board of Directors How will the Board measure and define sucess? Success with the Strategic Plan will come in many forms. Each task force team will have an opportunity to define what success looks like. The Strategic Plan will have benchmarks/milestones and the Board and volunteers will have opportunities to check in during the next three years to see how progress is going. What is the role of the Board and Board members? The Board will be reviewing the outcomes of the task force teams and consolidating the work of the teams into the overall Strategic Plan. The Board will assist with implementation of the plan however it is the responsibility of all RCMG volunteers to assist with the implementation and acheiving the goals outlined in the plan.


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