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The Plant Hunter – 4.00 stars


The story is very compelling and the last few chapters are excellent and inspiring

The RCMG Book Club read and discussed The Plant Hunter: a Scientist's Quest for Nature's Next Medicines by Cassanda Leah Quave at the September discussion. Master Gardener volunteers read the book over the winter and shared their thoughts in small group discussion.

Reader Poll

  1. Enjoyable—4.25 out of 5 stars

  2. Educational— 3.5 out of 5 stars

  3. Recommended—4.25 out of 5 stars

Reader Comments

What the readers said about this book:

  • Good book - plants, science, personal story.

  • I like that it showed thinking that merges western science and eastern medicinal wisdom.

  • I also liked that the author showed her trajectory and all of the challenges and perseverance that she possessed to get her to where she is today.

  • Fascinating story!

  • Not my writing style, but the story is very compelling and the last few chapters are excellent and inspiring.

  • Very well written.

  • Her life story woven throughout helped me empathize with all of her trials and tribulations.

  • I learned so much about ethnobotany, which I never knew existed before reading this book.

Next Book Club Discussion – November 2023

The November Book of the Month is Fen, Bog & Swamp: a Short History of Peatland Destruction and Its Role in the Climate Crisis by Annie Proulx


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