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Accessing RCMG Spaces

Extension Office, Diagnostic Clinic, Lending Library & Potting Shed

The Diagnostic Clinic, Lending Library & Potting Shed are located at the Ramsey County Extension office in Maplewood. (The Barn) There is a small building in the parking lot. The side facing the building hosts the Diagnostic Clinic/Lending Library and the opposite side – the potting shed – holds our garden and event materials.

Extension Office

RCMG has space inside the Maplewood Extension office located at 2020 White Bear Ave, Maplewood, MN 55109. This includes the Program Coordinator's and storage for many volunteer materials like handout kits, seeds, booth decorations, and signs. There is also extra storage for program historical archives.

The building is open on weekdays from 10am until 2pm but please make an appointment with Darren if you want to meet with him.

The space can additionally be reserved for volunteer events like classes, workshops, meetings, or hands-on work days. To reserve the space, contact Darren.

Diagnostic Clinic

On the east side of the small shed outside of the Extension office has been used as an on-location garden help center ("diagnostic clinic" ) prior to 2020. The room now contains the RCMG Library and storage for volunteer pick-up.

RCMG Library

To borrow books from the RCMG Lending Library, fill in the card inside the book and leave it in the Diagnostic Clinic desk drawer. You may visit the clinic library to check out books at any time but please let the library coordinator(s) know what you have borrowed.

Don’t take books marked REFERENCE ONLY. These can be used while onsite at the Extension office or inside the Diagnostic Clinic. They should not be removed.

Potting Shed

The potting shed contains many tools that are used for volunteering projects. This includes tents and tables for Farmers markets and festivals, composting kits, and garden tools like shovels and buckets. Tools can be borrowed for specific projects. Contact the project coordinator or Darren to confirm availability and check-out equipment.

Door Locks

The diagnostic clinic and potting shed both use combination locks on the doors and use the same combination — 2-3-5. To remember, just think of it like a math problem: 2+3=5.

To open the lock:

  1. Turn the deadbolt LEFT to clear the system.

  2. Press the 2nd button from the top

  3. Press the 3rd button from the top

  4. Press the 5th from the top

  5. Turn deadbolt RIGHT to open

Remember to LOCK the door when you leave by turning the deadbolt to the LEFT. This is very important! Don't leave these rooms unlocked.

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