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An RCMG Hoophouse

A new way to grow plants for the RCMG plant sale
Cees stands in front of a mostly built hoop house
Cees and the assembled hoophouse

The RCMG Fall Celebration featured the unveiling of the new Shelter Logic hoop house that was recently donated to the RCMG program from a local school. The hoop house will be used to grow and harden-off plants for the plant sale and be used with some of our education programs next spring.

With the risk of Jumping Worm in the area, RCMG will likely stop selling landscape plant divisions, which means growing plants from seed will become more important. Having a single location means that teams of Master Gardener volunteers can care for all seedlings in the spring, similar to how they care for the Barn Demonstration Gardens and Seed Trial plants.

We will be looking for volunteers to help reassemble the hoop house and add the outer layer in March 2022.

Check out this folder of images of the new hoop house, including a video the Kelly Greco took as volunteers tried to find a place where the frame will over-winter at the Barn.

A huge Thank-You Cees Duijndam for his connections in the community and making this donation happen!

We would also like to extend a special thank you to the amazing crew of volunteers who assisted with the assembly of the hoop house. It took over 8 hours (combined) to figure out how to build and assemble the hoop house.

  • Cees Duijndam

  • Angela Hawkins

  • Kim Oberg

  • Tricia Mason

  • Sherry Bianchi-Knod

  • Kara Nygaard

  • Sara Horton

  • Stacy Sola

  • Brianna Gohde

  • Darren Lochner

Fall Celebration attendees helps to move the hoophouse (see video below)
Fall Celebration attendees helps to move the hoophouse (see video below)


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