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Board Blurb: April 2021

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

April 13, 2021 RCMG Board of Directors Meeting

The April Board Meeting was held on Tuesday, April 13th via Zoom. The next Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 8, 2021 from 6:30–8:30 pm. These meetings are open to all volunteers.

Plant Sale

We did it! Our well-researched and well-prepared application to hold a Plant Sale in this time of COVID was approved by the State and will go “live” on May 1st. There will be many volunteer opportunities the week of May 12th, with curbside pickup on May 15th. Thanks to an amazing committee and numerous volunteers for pulling together this fundraiser!

Education Committee Report The committee has lined up a diverse and interesting slate of speakers for the remaining year. The survey of members willing to offer “mini-courses” to the entire group will be available at our April member meeting.

New Membership / Mentor Committee Report

Our New Member Co-Chairs are continuing to work with interns and their mentor teams. Four more 2020 interns have graduated. Congratulations! As volunteer opportunities open up we expect that all our interns will have ample opportunity to complete their hours and join RCMG as full-fledged Master Gardeners in 2021!

Communications Committee Report

The new website (an amazing piece of work accomplished in record time!), will launch on May 15th. The committee spent countless hours migrating content from the existing site to the new one, and the work will continue throughout the year. The site will provide a user-friendly experience and allow for e-commerce, necessary for our Plant Sale. Expect to receive an email explaining how to update your log-in credentials. It may take several days to have full access.

Strategic Plan / Task Force Work

The Strategic Planning Task Forces have started to meet. This is Phase Two of the planning process and will lead to implementation of the resulting ideas in Phase Three. Thanks to those who are serving on these Task Forces. Input from our membership is essential to move our program in the right direction over the next three years.

Program Coordinator Update

Darren updated the Board on several changes to the State’s Volunteer Exemption process, which requires that our community partner have a COVID plan in place. Our Diagnostic Clinic will be renamed (potentially “Ask a Master Gardener Live”) and will be held virtually with two sessions a week.

Board Chair Report

Susan thanked the members who are participating on the Strategic Planning process. In the near future we’ll share the RCMG “Vision Statement” that was created from member input.

Other Items of Note

  • Communication Chair Report: See above.

  • Education Chair Report: See above.

  • Membership Chair Report: See above.

  • Treasurer Report: Reviewed and approved the monthly transaction report. Updated financial reports can be found on the website soon.

  • Secretary Report: Reviewed and approved minutes from the March Board meeting. Approved minutes will be added to the website soon.

  • Board Chair Report: See Strategic Plan / Task Force work above.

  • Program Coordinator Report: See above.

The next Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 8, 2021 from 6:30-8:30pm. These meetings are open to all volunteers.

2021 Board Leadership: Susan Mitchell (Chair), Nate Galloway (Vice Chair), Gretchen Hesli (Secretary), Amy Davis (Treasurer), Nilgun Tuna (Education Co-Chair), Sue Ellen Campbell (Education Co-Chair), Christine Strong (Membership Co-Chair), Kay Wimer (Membership Co-Chair), Nanette Boudreau (Communication Chair), Darren Lochner (Program Coordinator)


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