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Darren's Digest – November 2021

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

It is hard to believe that it is already November and there are less than two month left in the 2021 calendar year.

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday many of us have a tradition of sharing what we are thankful for with friends and family. In my conversations with friends and family, I have been known to mention the Master Gardener program and how thankful I am for the amazing group of volunteers I have an opportunity to work with in Ramsey County.

Thank you again for all of your hard work this past year!

Sharing Stories

This time of year we are working on gathering success stories and other information on RCMG projects to include in the 2021 Annual Report for the State Master Gardener Program. The Annual Report helps to tell the story of all the good work you are doing as volunteers here in Ramsey County, as well as the impact that the Master Gardener Volunteer Program has in communities around the state.

If you are a Project Coordinator, please share your story!

Special thanks to all of the volunteers who have already shared 2021 project reports, photos, and stories!

2022 RCMG Volunteer Directory

As we reach the end of the year, there are many housecleaning projects before we put the volunteer program "to bed" for the year. One of them is updating the RCMG Directory. To do this, we need your help!

You will be receiving an email from Brianna in the coming days that shows the contact information we currently have on-file for you. If any of your contact information has changed or you are expecting a change in 2022, please let us know!

  • Preferred Name or Nickname

  • Preferred Email Address

  • Preferred Phone Number(s)

  • Home Address

  • 2022 Volunteer Status

In addition to updating your information for RCMG, if you need any changes, you will need to update the State Master Gardener Volunteer database. You do so by logging in to the same page where you enter your hours and click the top-left tab, "Update your info." Find instructions online at the State Volunteer website.

Here you can update the following information:

  • Preferred Name

  • Preferred Email Address

  • Preferred Primary Phone Number

  • Home Address

  • Primary Volunteer County/Local MG Program

  • Ethnicity/Race

  • Gender

  • MASTGAR Listserv Subscriptions & Options

  • Advanced Certification and Other UMN Volunteer Activity

  • Membership in Associations & Plant Societies

Enjoy the rest of the fall season.

Darren Lochner

RCMG Program Coordinator

Nov 9, 2021

COVID Safety Note

All volunteers are encouraged to wear a face cover or mask, regardless of vaccinations status when participating in volunteer activities, especially indoor activities, including carpooling.


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