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June Monthly Meeting Recap

June 27, 2022

Recap provided by Mindy Johnson

Monthly Meeting Schedule

  • The June RCMG meeting was held on Zoom on Tuesday 6/21/22.

  • The July RCMG meeting (7/19) will be held in-person/Zoom hybrid meeting using the Rose Banquet Room at the Roseville Oval. You will need to sign up to meet in-person because there will be limited physical seats available. If you sign-up to attend, be sure to be there!

Volunteer Training: Etiquette, Expectations, and Branding (6:00pm-6:30pm)

Darren discussed RCMG policies and procedures in the state and county manuals including topics such as requesting a new name badge, SignUp Genius, engaging the community, and branding (signage, clothing, education materials and handouts.)

Project Updates (6:30pm-6:45pm)

Habitat for Humanity

Nancy Joyer (project lead) announced that there are TWO Habitat for Humanity planting dates this summer. The first is on 7/23 and all volunteer shifts are full; THANK YOU! There will be another planting date on 8/13 and volunteer shifts for that event start in July. Check SignUp Genius for dates and times available.

Blooming Saint Paul

Mary Montagne (project lead) shared updates for the 2022 Blooming St Paul Project. (Read more in the Member News article: "Join Blooming St Paul 2022") They’re looking to diversify the tours so there will be neighborhood tours in the seven city districts. The tour information is on SignUp Genius. (All volunteer shifts are full.) The link is live now for nominations. Master Gardener volunteers will be needed to put stakes in nominated garden grounds and to leave educational materials. There will be no judging or taking pictures of gardens this year., It’s a celebration; not a competition.

Community Garden Engagement

Gene Ranieri (project lead) talked about a relatively new volunteer activity for RCMG volunteers. In 2021 Ramsey County Master Gardeners went to three community gardens to help answer gardening questions and concerns. They also went to Frogtown Farm and helped solve tomato issues in their hoophouse. This year, they’re working on new community gardens projects to assist in and outside of Saint Paul. They also asked previous community gardens if they would like to continue participating (working with RCMG volunteers). RCMG has been identifying and observing common community garden issues.

Volunteer dates will be posted on SignUp Genius as they become available. Participating volunteers are asked to answer growing and pest questions from the gardeners on-site, with a chance to walk over the directly look at the affected plants. Part farmers market booth- part diagnostic clinic.

Darren Lochner's Coordinator Updates (6:45pm-7pm)

Darren reminded RCMG volunteers and interns to record volunteer shift and educational hours. Monthly meetings and Train-the-Trainer sessions count as educational hours. There are Barn/Extension office and Garden Gate tours available on SignUp Genius as well, which also count as Continuing Education Hours. There are farmers markets, demonstration gardens, Peace Garden, etc, shifts on SignUp Genius.

Darren thanked volunteers who helped with the 2022 plant sale. The sale was a success in sales and community engagement.

Darren has also purchased branded tote bags for all RCMG volunteers. (See image right) The totes were available distributed at the June RCMG meeting and are now available inside the Diagnostic Clinic for those who were not able to attend the in-person meeting. Limit 1 per volunteer.

Guest Lecture (7-8pm)

Sue Ellen Campbell introduces Carrol Henderson. Henderson is internationally known for hummingbird studies and lives in Blaine, MN. He spoke about hummingbird diversity, habitats, tails, plumage care, pollination, physics of flight, migration, and salvia flowers.

Questions asked during the Guest Lecture

  • What kinds of insects do hummingbirds like to eat?

  • What shutter speed does your camera have?

  • Who are the hummingbird predators?

  • Is there something specific that attracts hummingbirds to the color red?

Hummingbird Favorites

Carrol recommends these flowers for gardeners wanting to attract and support our local Ruby-Throated hummingbirds.

  • Salvia – Scarlet sage, Rockin', Black and Bloom, Black and Blue, Victoria, Deep Purple, Hot Lips, Cherry Red, Mirage

  • Cardinal Flower

  • Cardinal Climber

  • Scarlet Runner Bean

  • Pentas

  • Lantana

  • Fuschia

  • Columbine

  • Mondarda/Bee Balm – Garden View, Cambridge Scarlet

  • Nicotiana

  • Petunia (any red)

  • Impatiens (any red)

  • Firecracker Plant

  • Rosy Periwinkle

  • Canna

  • Thunbergia/Black-Eye Susan Vine

RCMG Business Meeting (7:45-8pm)

Education Committee

Sue Ellen Campbell, Education Committee, encourages people to sign up for Garden Gate Tours on SignUp Genius. They are educational and a lot of fun!

New Member Committee

Kay Wimer told volunteers about the Membership Skills & Interest Survey. The survey went out to all RCMG volunteers and interns on June 24. Survey will help find volunteers with specific skill sets for targeted opportunities such as technical support. Click here to take the survey if you have not already. Results of the survey will be used to plan 2023.

RCMG Board

Nate Galloway reminded volunteers attending the in-person meeting that there will be no treats at monthly RCMG meetings during pandemic. But welcomes folks to bring your own refreshments in meantime. He shared details about the plant sale and directed volunteers to find more information in the newsletter. Nate and Darren reminded volunteers about the RCMG reimbursement details when purchasing anything for approved RCMG programs.


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