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RCMG Garden Showcase

Updated: Aug 10, 2023


Sharing your garden experience make RCMG “bloom”; Submissions are due by September 15

Member-to-Member Education

During 2023, the Education Committee focused on using knowledge and experiences of Master Gardener volunteers to teach and share with fellow Master Gardener volunteers.

We will continue the member-to-member education effort at he November 2023 monthly meeting and we need YOU to make it happen.

Tell us about your Blooms, Buds Or Thorns

  • Bloom: a garden success story

  • Bud: the beginning or renewal of an idea, plan, plant or garden

  • Thorn: a disappointment or struggle

Blooms, Buds and Thorns experiences could cover (but not be limited to) topics such as pest control, virus or fungus treatment, container gardening, indoor gardening, arbors, vegetable growing, watering methods, garden design, and problematic spaces.

A similar program is an annual meeting for the Hennepin County Master Gardeners.

How to Share Your Blooms, Buds and Thorns

If you are interested in sharing your garden experience, let us know what kind of experience it is: Bloom, Bud or Thorn. No need to have one of each!

Please provide up to 4 high-resolution pictures of your Bloom, Bud or Thorn and a description of your experience. We ask that you keep the description to under 400 words.

Up to 12 experiences will be presented at the November meeting. Those submissions not selected for the November meeting will be shared at a later time.

We will make the presentations but we ask that you be present that day (either in-person or by Zoom) to answer questions about your experience.

Start taking pictures and think about your description! Submissions are due by September 15.

Please submit your photos and descriptions online. You can also contact Simba Blood to submit a story or ask questions.

We look forward to sharing your stories!

Jane Carlstrom

RCMG Volunteer

Education Committee Chair

Simba Blood

RCMG Volunteer

Education Committee Co-Chair


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