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Recording Your Time

Updated 1/08/2024

The Master Gardener Program is a program of the University of Minnesota Extension. Under federal law as a land grant university, the University of Minnesota carries the important responsibility for bringing University-based education to Minnesotans through our programs in outreach, teaching and research, and reporting these activities annually to the federal government is required.

When you volunteer as a Master Gardener, you are representing the University and therefore, you play an important role in the report from Extension. It is also important for local and county groups to report on Master Gardener activities to their communities and local stakeholders about the important education and service each of you contribute.

I forgot to enter my hours last year! Now what?

Why do we record volunteer and education hours?

Where do I record my hours?

When should I record my hours?

I'm stuck! I need help entering my hours!

How should I record my hours?

How many hours do I need to record?

Brianna Gohde

RCMG Assistant Program Coordinator


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