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Mentor Orientation 2023

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Mentors joined the RCMG New Member Team for an orientation of the year ahead

Updated 1/14/2023

Originally posted 1/09/2023

Judie Ginter and Karen Randall held an orientation will be an overview of the RCMG Mentor Program. They provided information on the mentor and team structure for 2023, new resources and materials to help mentors, and share some suggestions on supporting interns during the first year. They also provide information on intern expectations and detail what has been communicated to our 2023 interns to date.

Attending mentors were asked to share best practices and ideas for 2023 intern support and team activities.

You can watch the Orientation Recording (from Jan 9, 2023) if you missed this meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If a team is working in a community garden, should it be logged as intern/mentoring or community garden?

Depending on what the mentor/intern are doing in the community garden, we suggest logging these hours under E2. (Educational Service Projects / Community gardens)

What types of things should be logged under intern/mentoring?

Do both interns and mentors log hours the same way?

How does the swap feature in SignUp Genius work? Are there any requirements such as logging in?

Is there a calendar of upcoming events so interns know what is coming up and don't panic because of lack of opportunities?

Mentor Resources

Intern Resources

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Judie Ginter

2023 New Member Committee Chair

RCMG Volunteer

Karen Randall

2023 New Member Committee Co-chair

RCMG Volunteer


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