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2021 Year Recap

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

2021 was a year of incredible growth for RCMG. Great work and many thanks to everyone!

2021 Volunteer Activity

With COVID-19 still affecting our ability to get involved with the community, RCMG volunteers still found many ways to serve their community, both as in-person opportunities opened up in late summer and through new online and at-home options. RCMG contributed over 15,300 hours of volunteer service in our communities and more than 3,630 hours of continuing education.


Expand the Headers below to read more about what RCMG did in 2021.

Big changes happened all over RCMG last year.

2021 Volunteer Achievements

Every year volunteers contribute their passion, energy and time to serving in our community and sharing the science-based education received by being in the Master Gardener Program. We'd like to recognize the accomplishments of the following RCMG volunteers.

  • Leonard Gloeb Outstanding Service Award: Nanette Boudreau

  • Ralph Thrane Extraordinary Partnership Award: Mary Montagne

  • 10 Years of Service: Cindi Bell, Jane Carlstrom, Mary Parenteau, and Merlin Schlichting

  • 15 Years of Service: Barbara Brockway, Barb Gaida, and Don Vegoe

  • 20 Years of Service: Nancy Ness and Gail Olson

  • 25 Years of Service: Laurie Holmberg

  • 2,000+ Hours of Service: Bill Suchy

  • 3,000+ Hours of Service: Brianna Gohde

Educational Activities

Volunteer Service Projects

Organization and Program Updates

2021 RCMG Membership & Volunteers


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